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How To Make Your Butt Look Bigger: 4 Tips

A woman’s derriere is considered to be the essence of elegant curves that personify an exquisite blend of allure and strength. The area beneath a woman’s small of the back highlights the true feminity of a woman in unique sizes and shapes.

Her aura radiates through these elegant contours and lean slopes. A majority of women are conscious about their backside which makes them reluctant to pick fancy lingerie and apparel.

You need to understand that when you buy bra for women online to eliminate the visible bra lines, similarly, you need the right panty to enhance your bottom wear.

We have shared four tips that can assist you to be confident about your butt and make them look larger:

Targeted Exercises:

Ensure you include a few exercises that help your glute muscles in your workout routine. Lunges, hip thrusts, squats, deadlifts, and glute bridges work best to build muscles and tone muscles. Doing these exercises regularly can shape and lift your butt offering it a comparatively fuller look.

Apparel And Lingerie Preferences:

It is time to glance at your wardrobe and revamp it with clothes that enhance and emphasize your curves. For instance, you can pick high-waisted jeans with embellished back pockets and make your butt look larger.

You can include form-fitting jeans, skirts, and dresses with intriguing patterns or seams that enhance your butt’s appearance.

Similarly, it is important to check your lingerie collection from time to time. For instance, you can browse through the Wacoal lingerie online store to purchase the latest and best-fitted bras and panties for your apparel and occasions.

Shapewear Or Underwear:

High-quality underwear or shapewear can add significant volume and give a natural lift to your butt. Some shapewear have targeted panels that give you butt a raised and tighter look. The functional fabric and construction allows you to enjoy a fuller appearance with a rounded rear.

Healthy Posture And Diet:

Apart from the lingerie and exercise, you have to ensure to maintain a balance that is rich in carbohydrates and protein to encourage adequate muscle growth. Simultaneously, take the initiative to practice good posture that makes your buttocks look more pronounced and lifted.

One practice that you can follow is to stand erect with your shoulders back to naturally highlight your curves.

You can create a blend of all these tips based on your current posture, and health. However, remember that it is important to accept and flaunt your natural body shape and be yourself to feel confident.

Alongside this, you have to be mindful of the right type of underwear you wear, you can follow this guide for a quick pick:

Prioritize Your Comfort: An itchy fabric is the worst to wear especially as a lingerie. Therefore, pick breathable fabrics such as cotton, micro fibre, lace, bamboo, etc. that are soft and offer you adequate ease when you wear them. The fear of discomfort is your least concern when you purchase from Wacoal lingerie as they do not compromise on comfort.

Purchase The Right Size: It is important to check your size before you purchase your lingerie. Extremely tight or loose underwear can be uncomfortable to wear, hence confirm your size before you purchase to enjoy ample support.

Occasion And Pattern: Your destination and purpose matter the most when you pick lingerie. For instance, wearing a lacy panty or bra to an adventurous destination may not be the ideal choice. Rather switch to a sports bra made of moisture-wicking fabric and stretchable panties that encourage smooth flexibility.

Personal Style: Your aura matters the most when it comes to undergarments. You cannot walk with elegance when you wear uncomfortable lingerie. Hence, it is important to consider your personal style when you buy bra online for women or panties for that matter.

Panty Features: There are a series of options from seamless hipsters to bikini cut when you purchase a panty. This means that you do not have to compromise with one fit for all, instead buy special panties for stylish gowns and dresses and regular cotton fits for everyday wear. You can pick different styles and create a collection based on your wardrobe.

Wacoal Lingerie Panty Collection

Low Waist Bikini Panty: This is a medium-coverage bikini panty that can be worn almost every day. The smooth fabric fits well on your waist without digging your skin and there is no fear of rashes. This hot-seller panty is made of cotton which makes it suitable for women with sensitive skin and can be easily paired with a matching bra.

Cotton Full Brief With High Waist Coverage: This panty is a woman’s best friend for everyday wear and offers full coverage. The high-waist panty can be worn under skirts, pants, and other bottom wear. This brief panty is designed with a cotton gusset and is available in a pack of three panties with color options like papaya punch, deep teal, and dusty rose.

When you purchase anything online it is important to find a reliable source and brand that can assure quality products and returns. At Wacoal, the brand has thousands of bra and panty options that offer women the best comfort along with a quick online purchase and return experience.


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