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Is It Ok to Wear a Sports Bra All Day?

We all lead busy lives. And they seem to just keep getting busier. We spend every waking minute trying to balance work, kids, pets, household chores, catching up with friends and family. The list goes on.

As such, we are constantly on the lookout for short-cuts. Any small thing that can save us time (and money!). We buy robot vacuums, dishwashers, dryers, and takeaways. Anything that can save us a few minutes.

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An increasingly common sight on our streets is the active wear phenomenon. Women trying to save time by heading out for they day in their workout clothes. Drop the kids off at school, run a few errands, hit the gym, and then catch up for a coffee with friends.

Wearing our activewear singlets and tights is fine. But what about our sports bra? Is it OK to wear a sports bra all day?

Read on to find out more.

Benefits of Wearing a Sports Bra All Day

We all know the benefits of wearing a sports bra during exercise. Primarily to stop the girls bouncing around all over the place. Causing us distraction (for us and others!) and discomfort.

These benefits can also be enjoyed all day. Especially if your days are active.



If you plan to wear your sports bra all day, it needs to be comfortable. Not much point in heading out for the day only to come home sore and chafed. Comfort is queen if you plan to wear your sports bra for the day.

Most modern sports bras kick goals in the comfort department so should be perfect all day. An added benefit is they are often made from technical, moisture wicking fabrics. As such, they work to keep you dry and cool throughout the day.


When it comes to support nothing beats a sports bra. After all that is what they are designed to do; hold you in place!

It is amazing how much breast bounce we endure throughout the day. Whether it is hurrying to catch a train, rushing to get a task done at work or chasing your toddler in the park. Our breasts are bouncing with us all the way.

A good sports bra can keep them supported and under control throughout the day. Allowing us to concentrate on the task at hand rather than on our unruly chest.


Gone are the days of a sports bra being relegated to the style-less bottom drawer. Only to be brought out and worn for brief periods of exercise.

Modern sports bras have become a fashion accessory. Adding a touch of colour and style to your daily wardrobe. Eye catching colours and designer features allow you to make a statement. Whether worn under a tank or stand alone your sports bra can be proudly put on display. Just maybe not at work!


If you are a little self-conscious or need to keep the girls a little more covered then a sports bra is the perfect option. Many styles naturally provide extra coverage to keep the girls in check when exercising.

If you have a bit more up top, there are many full coverage styles that will stop anything spilling out as you go about your day. These often out-perform their regular bra counterparts.

Things You Need to Consider

Structured Bra or Sports Crop?


This decision often comes to personal choice and your size. Crops are generally made for 8-16 backs and A-D cups. Don’t despair if you are more than a D cup. Your breasts will appreciate the extra support offered by a structured sports bra.

Your daily activity can also dictate the type you choose. If your day involves lots of bounce, you’ll need more support, and a structured sports bra may be the better choice for you. If your day is more relaxed, then a sports crop may be better suited.

Level of Support

This is an extension of the previous point. How much support you need during your day depends on what you have planned. Sports bra support levels are measured as impact; low, medium, or high.

Cruisy day with the girls – low impact. Bustling around the warehouse trying to fulfill online orders – medium impact. Driving a tractor over rough ground – high impact. Think about what your day looks like and match your sports bras impact level to suit.

Underwired or Wire-free?

Nothing comes down to personal choice more than underwired or wire-free. It is the great sports bra divide. We have our personal preference, and we are not changing for anyone.

But maybe we should. Especially if you an ardent underwired fan. Modern wire free styles are often more comfortable and supportive than their underwired counterparts. Get more comfort and support without the risk of wire pub or poke.

Why not give them a try? Your breasts will thank you.

Regular Straps or Racerback?

Once again very much a matter of personal preference. Many women find wearing a racerback style all day uncomfortable and constraining. Whilst others swear by them as they stop bra straps falling as they go about their work.

Once again. Think about your day ahead and choose a strap type that best suits.

Padding or Moulded Cups

If you are less endowed and want to have a little more (eh hem) ‘presence’ then a padded sports bra may be for you. It is a good idea to choose a style with removable padding. Giving you the best of both worlds.

Padded or moulded cups also have the benefit of giving a smooth under-shirt look. And offering discretion on a cold day. As always go with what you feel most comfortable wearing.


If you are looking for an under-shirt statement, then a seasonal sports bra could be just what you are looking for. Many brands release seasonal designs that can add a little brightness to your day.

If you are working the maternity ward or standing in front of a year 8 class. Then something a bit more subdued may be better suited. Luckily many styles have your front. Whites, neutrals, or greys. There is something to sit discreetly under your blouse whilst supporting you throughout your working day.

Closing Thoughts


The design of modern sports bra design has come a long way. We now have access to comfortable and supportive styles that are perfect for wearing all day long. These styles come with a range of features, many of which better suit certain activities than others.

A good idea is to accumulate a range of different sports bras. Allowing you to match your sports bra to the day ahead. Sounds expensive right? Not if you can eliminate a drawer full of everyday bras in the process.

Many online retailers like Sports Bras Direct ( have just the range you are looking for. They stock everything you need to get you through your busy day in comfort and style.

Yours in support.

Amy x

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