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5 Go-To Bridal Shower Gifts

A bridal shower is a perfect opportunity to give the bride a gift she’ll forever treasure. Whether the couple has a registry or not, you can give them any gift or money you’d like. The best bridal shower gifts are those that come from the heart. Be sure to make the bride feel special on her big day by getting her a gift that she can enjoy after the wedding day and the honeymoon. Typically, these gifts are scented candles, necklaces, and bottles of wine.

If you want more ideas on what the bride would like for her big day before the wedding, here are five go-to bridal shower gifts.

  1. Personalized Stemless Wine Glass for the Missus

If the bride enjoys her occasional or even daily wine sessions, or you guys have casual gatherings where wine is a common interest, giving her a personalized stemless wine glass is a great option. You can have her initials engraved in her glass as a monogram or simply spell her name out as she normally would. These can be found in online shops like Shutterfly. The bride can use this glass normally or simply exhibit it in her home décor.

  1. Custom Tote Bags for the Mrs. To Shop Till She Drops

Another gift that’d be perfect for the bride is a customized tote bag where she can store her goodies as she shops. These tote bags can help keep the bride organized and her hands clutter-free. She can take it to the beach to store her accessories like towels and sunglasses. Moreover, she can store her groceries or books when returning them to the library. As a heartwarming touch, you can customize her tote bag with an embroidered message or her name.

  1. Book of Recipes for Couples

Now that the bride is tying the knot, she is going to have to cook with hubby at their place. To romanticize their lives and keep the spark alive, a great option for a bridal shower gift is a cookbook for two. You can look for cooking books specifically for couples that can help them bond over culinary arts. This book is a unique gift that will surely bring a smile to the bride’s face.

  1. Greenery to Decorate and Oxygenate Her New Home

Another unique gift for the future bride is greenery. It may sound odd, but giving a bride plants as gifts will help the bride’s green thumb. Indoor plants will also help oxygenate her home for a happier environment. Live plants also serve as décor and look great with any style. You can give her a snake plant or a gardenia and a planter to help them bloom. The future Mrs. will appreciate your unique and heartwarming gesture.

  1. Monogrammed Coasters for Dinner Time.

Lastly, the bride will enjoy not messing up her dining table with glass stains or moisture. So for this, you can always gift her the unique gift of monogrammed coasters. These coasters can contain the bride and groom’s initials or names, along with the date of their wedding. In addition, you can add an image as the background of the coasters to help them remember the good times from their first date night to their honeymoon.

These bridal shower gift ideas can help you choose the perfect gift for the future Mrs. in your life. Always remember, the perfect way to make the bride smile on her bridal shower is by giving her a gift from the heart. Don’t just give for the sake of giving. Make the effort to make her happy on what’s going to be one of the biggest days of her life.

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