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Itching for a proper leg day, but don’t have the appropriate gym pants for men that would suit your every exercise need in this cold and chilly weather? Don’t sweat it… or rather, sweat it out (pun intended), because, by the end of this article it’s a guarantee that you will have extensive knowledge about today’s top activewear brands. These brands hold proficiency not only in terms of their gym wear but also their customer service and punctual deliveries.

The variety of gym pants for men in the market nowadays is just as extensive as their usage. Workout pants can be worn to the gym while enjoying a relaxed walk, or during a night out with the bros. But such a feat can only be achieved if the pants in question hold a certain number of qualities including aesthetic looks, good-quality fabric, quick-drying properties, flexible material, and a comfortable texture. Keeping these features in mind, the list below ensures all this and much more, whilst keeping the affordability in check.


Activewear that is engineered to channel passion and enhance motivation, coupled with advanced technology and seamless fabric realized through the lens of innovation, is the specialty of SQUATWOLF. Their line of gym pants for men is aimed at promoting a comfortable experience, filled with high performance and worry-free training. Their gym wear is designed to fit, innovated to be highly functional, manufactured to be stylish, and engineered to be extremely flexible; so as to turn your fitness dreams into a reality. SQUATWOLF’s workout pants for men are designed to be durable and light-weight as if they were a second skin, this not only promotes ease and comfort during exercise but also helps in moulding your calves, which acts as a great confidence booster. Furthermore, their gym wear makes use of performance fabric blends, i.e. different compositions of fabrics combined to form an optimal fabric to give the best results. This fabric acts as an amplifier enabling you to take your workout regime to the next level.


Aimed at keeping your fitness spirit ignited regardless of the season, Under Armour gym wear is specially manufactured to help you to perform your best in all sorts of environments. This brand is well known for its use of technologically advanced fabrics, each specifically designed to cater to a set of needs and preferences. Out of which, ‘HeatGear Touch’ fabric seems to be the ideal fabric in terms of men’s gym pants. It is a synthetic material that is soft to the touch, and also feather-light. Men’s workout pants made using this fabric, are equipped to be moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and deodorizing.

Moreover, their famous line of gym wear titled ‘UA RUSH’ is a must-buy for all fitness freaks and gym addicts. This line’s gym pants for men are made to provide great fitting, moisture-absorption, and high sustenance, allowing you to perform your best during your toughest workouts and most intense training sessions.


With an aim to push the sports industry forward, one product at a time; Born Tough produces activewear that is both effective in the gym as well as visually appealing at a coffee shop. Their line of gym pants for men is divided into four categories with respect to how exhaustive your workout routine tends to be. Their ‘AirPro’ and ‘Compression’ apparel is aimed at high-impact exercise routines, whereas their ‘Viscose’ and ‘Momentum’ apparel is designed for both medium-impact workouts as well as recreational activities. Born Tough focuses on providing gym wear that is versatile enough to adapt to your personal requirements as per the type of environment you choose to wear it in.


RHONE gym wear is made using performance-driven fabric aimed to help you embrace the possibilities of each new day. Their line of gym pants for men is designed using luxury materials and innovative techniques, while also keeping in mind the environmental impact. These pants are made with soft and durable fabric that is extremely stretchable, coupled with zippered pockets and an adjustable waistband. The majority of their bottoms also have an in-built gusset to promote maximum comfort and mobility. The men’s workout pants are categorized into four classes based on usage. These classes include commuter pants designed for treks and walks, joggers made for jogging and running, active bottoms engineered for hitting the gym, and lounging trousers for casualwear.


Activewear designed for low-impact exercises such as yoga has been the forte of LULULEMON, but recently it has expanded its wardrobe to include men’s workout pants which are equipped to support intense training sessions. Whether it’s high-quality joggers for an exhaustive run, or a set of neat track pants to aid you on the treadmill, LULULEMON has it all. With its wide variety of men’s gym pants, each having its own signature fabric and features, this brand aims to provide you with the most optimal workout experience possible.


With this list, you are now free to go wild at the gym, especially during your leg days. SQUATWOLF leads the rest simply because a pair of gym pants produced by this brand will never fail you, regardless of how rough or frequent your usage might be.

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