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Tips for Packing Well for Your Honeymoon

If you’re finally about to say “I do” after putting off wedding plans due to the global pandemic or have only just recently organized your vows anyhow, something that’s high on your list of things to get excited about is likely your honeymoon.

Whether you’re headed off to a balmy beachside locale, a culturally fascinating city, the mountains, or another destination, you want to get your packing right. Here are some tips for organizing yourself effectively when the time comes.

Leave Plenty of Time

With everything going on with the wedding planning, you’re going to be flat out in the lead-up to the big day. This means you need to start thinking about what to pack for your honeymoon as early as possible. Don’t leave this job until the last minute, as this is when you can make the wrong decisions about what to take and forget to place vital things in your bag(s).

Leave yourself plenty of time to first consider what you need to pack, and then go through your bag and take out things you don’t actually need that will take up space unnecessarily. This second round of packing will help you pick up on things you might have missed, too.

Choose the Right Bag

Next, work out the right-sized luggage for your trip. If you’re going on a honeymoon where you and your new spouse will be packing up and moving from accommodation spot to accommodation spot every few days or so, you want to limit your belongings so you don’t waste precious honeymoon time on getting organized.

Or, if you’re going to be backpacking on a long trip around Europe or sleeping rough at times, you want to keep your bag as light and compact as possible, so it’s not a headache to carry. Try to use the next size down from your original bag pick where possible, as a smaller bag will not only be lighter but also restrict your packing choices and make you think more carefully about what you need to take with you.

Select Travel-Sized Products

Another great way to reduce your bag’s weight while also leaving more room for potential shopping purchases while away is to select travel-sized products where possible. Rather than take full, large bottles of shampoo and conditioner, cleanser, shaving cream, moisturizer, and the like, purchase airline-friendly compact versions of your favorite products for the trip. Alternatively, buy some empty plastic bottles and fill them with toiletries.

Also, think about other ways to minimize options. For instance, take a travel-sized hair dryer or flat iron if you need such appliances while away, and multifunction chargers and power converters that offer all-in-one or micro styles.

Pack Fun Outfits

Of course, when you’re newly married and all loved up, you’re going to want to feel sexy and romantic in your outfits when on your honeymoon. Look for fun clothing you can take away that will make your partner smile. This may include pretty lingerie sets, naughty dress-up outfits, your barely-there swimsuits, and dresses, skirts, and other pieces that show a bit of skin and help you look and feel your best.

Plan for Different Weather

It’s also essential to plan for different weather when you’re doing your packing. Even if you’re going to a warm, tropical location, it’s possible for the weather to get cool at night and for rain and storms to hit on occasion. You need to have suitable clothing on hand for these times. If you’re headed somewhere chilly or will be doing a lot of hiking or otherwise out in the elements, this factor is even more vital. This strategic packing move should extend to your footwear, too. Ensure you’ll have appropriate shoes to wear if the weather turns cold, wet, or muddy, etc.

Make Yourself a Checklist

It’s worth taking the time to create a detailed checklist for yourself when packing, too. Doing this will help you ensure you forget fewer items and choose to mix and match clothes and make other smart decisions. Your checklist should include things like medications and prescriptions, in case your medicine gets lost, or you need to extend your trip, etc., and your itinerary, photocopies of your passports and credit cards, and related paperwork.

Plus, your checklist can cover accessories you want to take with you and all the tech gear and in-flight essentials you may need, among other things. Your inventory might also include a reminder to pack some of your clothing into your partner’s suitcase and vice versa. This way, if one bag happens to get lost in transit, you’ll at least have some essential items to access while you wait for your bag to show up.

Following these packing tips will help you have a more stress-free honeymoon and avoid having to spend money on products you had at home but simply forgot to pack. In turn, you can concentrate on enjoying the wedding of your dreams and the trip after it.

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