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Write for Us: Share Your Weight-Loss Journey

Write for us for Weight-loss

Beauty & Fashion Blog is a leading well-known podium in the Weight-Loss + Write for us section. We are offering you to share your insights with our audiences. As well as get an opportunity to be our regular weight-loss + “write for us” + Guest post authors.

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Why weight gain occurs?

Weight Loss Write For Us

Bodyweight can increase because of many reasons. Mostly this happens due to overeating and hormonal disbalance. Not to forget, it can happen due to other health concerns.

Obesity is the key cause of so many health problems. Due to heavy workloads, most of the people take meals untimely or even skip meals. And most of the time depends on junk foods which are unhealthy to the core. Everyone should try to lead a healthy life or at least, do some brisk walks and exercises daily.

If you find your weight is increasing without any known reasons, then it is high time to visit a good doctor or a dietitian. A dietitian who can fix you a proper daily routined meal and few exercises which in turn will enhance your livelihood. A time schedule diet can build a man healthier than ever before.

Become a contributor! Your Benefits

Weight Loss Tips Write For Us

Here comes a benefited author on the way. Which blog writer would not want to become famous in the weight-loss category? Well, Beauty & Fashion Blog will help you to accomplish your dream. All your articles will have a link to your personal author page.

How? The answer is, we will promote your “weight-loss” write for us in our blog, which will be seen by our worldwide like-minded readers. Simultaneously, we both will share your article’s (Weight-Loss + Write for us ) link on our social media sites. Our media handles are Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Connect with the people and learn about their wants. Keep blogging what you know. You never know, you might come to their help.

But, to be Beauty & Fashion Blog all-time blogger, you need to read our guidelines. If you think that you are up for it, then start scribbling on Weight-Loss + Write for us. To know more about the conditions, please keep reading.

“No more Bloopers- now Be a successful blogger”


Weight Loss + Write For Us

  • The content (Weight-Loss + Write for us) should not be more than 2000 words.
  • Do not go off-topic. Stay related to weight-loss categories.
  • The more sub-heading, the better.
  • It is a must to be a fluent English writer.
  • Use less passive sentences.
  • It is best if you use plenty of transitions words like, ‘Besides’, ‘moreover’, ‘however’, and so on.
  • For scoring good readability, keep it simple, fresh, and crisp.
  • Please, write like an author and not like a robot to please SEO.
  • All we want is an original article(Weight-Loss + Write for us); nothing more or less than that.
  • In that context, the content should be plagiarism-free.
  • Keep the paragraphs short.
  • We do not permit any grammatical mistakes in our pitch, so it’s better if you check it before submitting it.
  • We permit only 1 link per post.
  • For now, we only want health-related content.
  • 100 percent unique content is accepted.
  • Provide images and videos related to your content in HD quality. The images should possess a copyright license.
  • We do not promote any sex or steroid-related posts.
  • Do not try to promote any product directly; in contrast, do it indirectly, if it is necessary.

Dream Bigger, Be one among the top 10 Weight-Loss + Write for us bloggers!

Terms & Conditions

We hoard all the right to edit or reject any article as per our concern. You acknowledge the conditions that your article; i.e., Weight-Loss + Write for us becomes our property once posted.

Weight-loss Tips Write for us with our Audiences”

Article We Like

Weight Loss Tips Guest Post

Learn what we like, what kind of posts do we publish. Read our websites and others write for us “weight-loss” websites for getting a better idea. Here are samples for Weight-Loss + Write for us,

  • 5 Exercises to get that dream body.
  • De-tox drinks that you can easily prepare at home.
  • Is honey-lemon water helpful for weight-loss?

Team Up

Hurry, drop your Weight-loss Tips write for us onstyle=”color: #00ccff;”> Beauty & Fashion Blog. Don’t miss this chance to become popular in the author’s community collaborating with BnF Blog. We are eagerly waiting for you! Get the role of weight-loss + write for us + Guest post blogger.

How to submit

Type the subject as “Weight-Loss + write for us + Guest post”. Attach some lines about you for your author page. Add a picture of yours for the displayed avatar of bio.
Please mail us your post at and wait. Beauty & Fashion Blog will reply to you within 72 hours of working days, and inform you when we will be ready to post your article.

Come, Weight-Loss + Write for us

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