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Fashion tips for women with large breasts

Several opinions say whether a woman should show off her large bust size or conceal her large breasts. People say: that depends on whether she feels comfortable with the large cup.

In Beauty n Fashion blog guide, we have put together the most influential fashion tips for a large bust for you.

Big Bust: To Emphasize or Not?

Actually, a large breast is considered a symbol of femininity. But with a large bust, there are also some problematic areas:

  • The wrong bra can cause back pain and tension, and special undergarments are also essential for sports; otherwise, exercise is no fun.
  • In plus-size fashion, the selection is also not always easy. Many cuts and fits are simply not designed for women with large breasts.

Even if women with a large bust are often asked “What to wear?” are struggling, we believe that we can skillfully stage the female figure with the right clothing!

Dresses for large busts

Big Bust — What Should I Wear? Anyone who thinks that dresses with a large bust are not allowed to show a neckline or that they can only wrap themselves in wide tops and clothes is wrong.

Our tip for them: Focus on the waistline!

If you have large breasts, you should accentuate your waist. Shapes cut to the waist, which also conceals your belly, are just right.

Dresses or tops with a wrap look also draw attention to the waist through the lacing — also a great tip for concealing strong legs.

Narrow waist belts on dresses or tops are also perfect for conjuring up a great silhouette. By emphasizing the middle, the view is distracted from the breasts and your upper body is optically stretched. The larger bust size is concealed and is therefore no longer the focus.

If you don’t want to emphasize the center of your body directly in the waist area, then go for Empire. Basically, with the empire line, the waist is simply moved up a few centimeters. The empire seam runs directly below the breast, which on the one hand, perfectly showcases your bust size, but nicely covers your stomach.

“Be bold and beautiful”…

Know wonders of Breast Enlargement surgery

And if you’re not satisfied with your bust size, why not opt for breast enlargement surgery?

You can always opt for breast enlargement surgery to enhance your feminine beauty. It will not only improve the volume and form of your bust, but your self-esteem and enthusiasm levels will get a boost too. Our leading squad of surgeons guarantees the secure and proficient completion of your surgery or preferred procedure.

Many women believe that they distract from their large bust size by not showing cleavage. However, high-necked dresses and tops shorten the upper body and make large breasts appear even larger.

Choose a V-neck instead. It lengthens your neckline, optically stretches your upper body, and sets your curves in the limelight. With these tips, you can show off your beautiful curves and, at the same time, make your breasts look a little smaller.

A sweetheart neckline is also very suitable for emphasizing large breasts without appearing too bulky and overly sexy.

The sweetheart neckline is particularly recommended for women who are looking for festive dresses for a large bust. The sweetheart neckline gives the bust a nice shape and covers enough, so you don’t have to worry about anything slipping.

Dirndl for a large bust

No wonder the sweetheart neckline is suitable for large boobs. As it is very reminiscent of the neckline of traditional Bavarian dresses, and which piece of clothing is practically made for every body size and shape? The dirndl, right.

  • If you have a large bust, then when buying a dirndl, make sure that there are not too many ornaments and frills attached to the neckline.
  • For blouses, the sweetheart neckline is ideal for you. If you are afraid that your lush neckline will catch the eye too much, then choose dirndl blouses that are cut a little higher. Your breasts are perfectly packed but still come into their own. Excessively large ruffles on the blouse neckline are not so great because they tend to fluff up.
  • The colors of the dirndl bodice should be rather muted and not have any wild, bulky patterns.

The lacing in the waist area gives the dirndl a great hourglass shape. This is exactly why the dirndl is perfect for curvy women.

The right bra

The holy grail when it comes to style for large busts, to show off or conceal the cleavage, is the perfect bra – with or without underwire or straps.

Because even with a large bust, strapless bras in large sizes are not taboo, as long as you pay attention to certain things.

Get some advice:

  • Find the right bra size
  • Optimal lingerie
  • Comfortable sports bra
  • How do I find the right bra?

Many women with large busts are actually wearing the wrong bras and don’t even realize they need a different size.

Poor posture, back problems, or even tension can often be traced back to the wrong bras. Your figure type is totally decisive:

  • Narrow shoulders or broad?
  • How big do the cups have to be?
  • Which circumference is the right one for the perfect fit?

Nevertheless, the individual shape of each breast is also decisive. A visit to a specialist shop is definitely worthwhile because bras for large sizes can be very expensive. You will also find out which variant is best for you. For example, non-wired bras can provide extra comfort for larger breasts.

This investment is worthwhile, however, because a suitable bra supports the breasts and relieves the strain on the shoulders and back.

It is mostly a fallacy that the load is held by the porters. Actually, the weight is distributed on the perimeter. Nevertheless, wide bra straps ensure that the straps of a large size bustier do not dig into the shoulders.

High-cut, preformed cups, and wide, seamless straps ensure perfect wearing comfort. Neck-holder variants are generally not advisable. After all, the burden of the large bust size is shifted to the neck. Bras with front closures can help if you have restricted mobility.

In this context, so-called relief bras and minimizer bras in large sizes are also exciting for large busts. They can optically reduce a large bust size be by up to a whole cup size.

Discover your bra for a large bust size now:

Lingerie for a large bust

Finding plus-size lingerie may not always be easy, but it is definitely possible. Wide straps and clasps may not sound delicate and sexy. Nevertheless, there is now beautiful lingerie for a large bust. Fine and transparent fabrics with pretty embroidery or other embellishments.

When choosing lingerie for large breasts, the right bra size is crucial. If this is correct, a stable underwired bra and wide straps are crucial for optimally supporting the breasts and emphasizing them.

The lace variants or transparent mesh inserts can also really score points with large bust sizes. If you have a large bust, it is advisable to use lingerie that uses comfort variants for the underwire and adapts flexibly to all movements.

Comfortable sports bras for a large bust

Finding a sports bra for a large bust doesn’t have to be difficult. Unfortunately, many women know the problem that a single functional bra does not offer enough support to feel comfortable when exercising.

Just like with bras in large sizes, you should know your right size for the special bra for sports activities. A strong under-bust band is important for these bras in order to be able to optimally absorb the movements of the large bust size during sporting movements. You should make sure that you choose sports bras carefully. Preformed cups with a wide under-bust band and strong darts, as well as wider bra straps, are a good prerequisite.

Good to know: A sports bra can only absorb up to 74% of movements, and this means that even with the best sports bra, you cannot have 100% support. It is all the more important that you wear a sports bra when doing sports if you have a large bust.

Swimwear and bikinis for big boobs

It is not easy to find a suitable bikini for a large bust, which does not pack your own cup too sexy but packs it attractively. The feel-good factor comes when we wear something that is comfortable and feels beautiful.

So, it doesn’t always have to be the swimsuit because tankinis and bikinis in the optimal fit for the individual upper body are also an excellent choice for large breasts.

Finding a bikini for a large bust, in particular, is often tricky. Unfortunately, tight designs such as triangle bikinis, which are knotted together with narrow cords in the neck, or bikinis without any straps on the shoulders are not suitable. Otherwise, the large breasts put too much strain on the neck or no support.

Wide straps are ideal for bikinis. It is not advisable to wear halter-neck bikinis because the weight of a lush bust is noticeable so quickly.

It is better if the brackets cross at the back or are very classic in the bra style. In this way, the weight is optimally distributed and held. With these bikinis, underwire and preformed cups in the right size are helpful so that everything fits perfectly.

Dos and don’ts for big busts 


✔ Fitted dresses and tops

✔ Empire line

✔ Bust darts

✔ Good support bra

✔ V-neckline

✔ Heart cutout

✔ Elongated lapels

✔ Sports bra when exercising


✘ Oversized, egg-shaped, blouson cuts

✘ High-necked tops

✘ Bras that don’t support

✘ Sport without a sports bra

✘ Embellishments at chest level

✘ Sleeves that end at chest level

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