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Want Your Eyeshadows To Pop? Follow Our 8 Tips To Make Your Eyeshadow Look Brightened Up!

Eye makeup is the key to a perfect makeup look. It either makes or breaks your look depending upon how you do it. Be it wearing your favourite eye kajal, swiping off a mascara stroke, or painting your eyelids, eye makeup is the jack of all trades. We are generally in awe of Instagrammbale influencers wearing vibrant eyeshadows. But you know what the real truth is? It isn’t that easy to create such stellar looks with brightened eyeshadows popping out loud! You may have a beautiful palette of eyeshadows in your vanity bag, tips and tricks always play an important role in achieving that desired look.

Below are some of the best makeup tips that’ll help you make your eyeshadow brighten up and pop out. Keep reading!

Effective Makeup Tips To Make Your Eyeshadow Pop

Colour eye-popping on eyelids is a new favourite to many women around the world. It simply gives you the confidence to step out and slay like never before. Already started stressing? Stop that right now as we’re here to spill the beans for you. We have got for you a compiled list of effective makeup tips to make bright and popped out eyeshadow.

Use Eye Primer

The most common use of eye primer is to make your makeup stay for longer hours. But did you know how multi-purpose product an eye primer is? Eye primers also add vibrancy to your eyeshadow making them pop out. Concealers also make great eye primers and they are perfect for achieving an eyeshadow base.

White Eye Pencil Is A Must

Only if you are heavy on your pocket, white eye pencil comes as your saviour. It’s a perfect replacement for your concealer and eye primer. A white eye pencil creates a vibrant and blank canvas for colour choice, instantly adding dimension and allowing the eyeshadow to shine brighter.

Always Use A Wet Brush

One of the best tricks to achieve a brightened and popped out eyeshadow is by wetting your brush. This trick especially works with shimmery or loose powder eyeshadows. All you have to do is dip your eyeshadow with water and pat over a clean tissue paper to dust off excess water. Trust us, you will instantly notice an intense pigmentation and brighter eyeshadow. Also, wetting your brush too much will make your eyeshadow run from your eyelids.

Layering Technique

The layering technique is one of the best and easiest ways to make your eyeshadow pop out and look visibility good. All you have to do is to layer the eyeshadow twice to instantly make it visibly brighter and popped out.

Use Black Eye Pencil

Black eye pencil also works wonders in bringing out eyeshadow’s vibrancy. The trick here is to apply black eye pencil as a base for sultry and darker eyeshadows. Eyeshadow colours like greens, bronze, blues, purples, maroon and reds work best against a black eye pencil.

Use The Right Tools

Not all eyeshadow brushes are the same. They have different capabilities and work differently on the eyes. While some eyeshadow brushes are great for blending, some work amazingly well with shimmer and cream eyeshadows. So, using the right brushes for varying eyeshadow formulas is very important.

Use Vaseline Or Any Balm-Like Substance

You might be wondering if vaseline has the power to make your eyeshadow appear pigmented? Well, yes it has the power to make your eyeshadow stay for longer hours and appear more pigmented. All you have to do is to rub a little vaseline onto your eyelids and trust us, you’ll be surprised with the results. You can also try using a similar balm like substance that’ll be safe for you to use around your eyes. Our only suggestion will be to not use it if you have oily eyelids.

Try Ditching The Brush

One of the most effective ways to make eyeshadow pop out and appear bright is by ditching the eyeshadow brush, especially working with glittery or shimmery eyeshadow. Though fingers do not give that precision while applying eyeshadow, it definitely brings most pigmentation and increases the concentration of colours. All you have to do is to coat your finger in the colour of your choice and smoothly dab it onto your eyelids. Do more of it in the centre to increase the vibrancy and opacity of the eyeshadow colour.

Makeup that stands out is what stays in people’s minds. Hope our makeup tips help you get vibrant colours on your eyelids every time you wish to. Try them and create bright and popped out eyeshadow looks!

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