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Pack More Protein into Your Breakfast

You’ve probably heard it countless times. From multiple internet sources, your teachers, general media, and even from your parents. All these have stressed the vitality of a morning meal in your body’s well-being. Well, all these have been correct.

If you want to gain a lot out of your breakfast, try to include lots of protein. By ingesting plenty of protein early in your day, you shall reward your body with a boost of vital nutrients that keep you full of energy and happiness all through your day.

The requisite levels of proteins vary from person to person. It depends on the calories ingested and physical activity rates. According to scientific sources, the average male (approximately ninety kg) that consumes almost two thousand five hundred calories requires around one hundred and fifty grams of protein daily. Furthermore, the average woman weighing sixty-eight kilograms and eating approximately two thousand calories daily should eat one hundred grams of protein. In addition, scientific studies have shown that consuming twenty-five to thirty grams of protein per sitting, with extra protein in one or two snacks the rest of the day. It is wise to allocate your protein intake evenly during the day if you wish to reduce hunger and maintain muscle mass.

The following are some tasty recipes that you should seriously consider including in your breakfast meal:

  • Mocha banana protein smoothie bowl

Smoothie bowls are widely known to be full of flavour and very light. Besides, they are easy to prepare, especially if you are in a hurry, and they are a great way to acquire your protein.

The source of protein in this morning bowl of goodness is chia seeds and whatever protein powder you choose to include. A single serving will give you around twenty grams of protein and also looks so good you want to take a photo.

To optimize the level of protein in this meal, you can do the following:

  1. Top up your smoothie bowl with some nuts, seeds, or fruits.
  2. You can use soy milk or cow’s milk rather than the traditional almond milk included in smoothies.
  • Jumbo chickpea pancake

If you want to add a delicious twist to your traditionally sweet breakfast, this vegan dish is the most appropriate. It is full of protein obtained from chickpea flour. Furthermore, these kinds of pancakes do not have any animal products and lack any form of gluten, grains, nuts, oils, soy, and refined sugars.

The recipe accommodates almost every dietary restriction invented and satisfies any hungry stomach in the morning, leaving you energetic and ready for the day’s activities. A single pancake will have around ten grams of protein, which you can bolster by including meatless crumbles into the pancake dough.

  • Grain-free banana protein pancakes

Any amateur can prepare an excellent protein pancake. One way you can revamp your traditional breakfast is by trying this grain-free version. The ingredients include coconut flour, bananas, and possibly other yummy fruits for extra sweetness. A single serving of five pancakes will provide you with around twenty-eight grams of protein.

  • Spinach feta breakfast wraps

One of the proven ways to lead to a stress-free morning for many individuals is prior breakfast preparation. When placed in the freezer, these savoury morning meal wraps do not go wrong and have a high protein content of around twenty-five grams.

It is necessary to fill your wraps with spinach, feta, eggs, and any other available fresh vegetables. Not only is this a fantastic breakfast prep option, but also it is perfect for people with hasty morning routines.

  • Breakfast BLT salad

Despite many people finding it weird, a salad can be excellent for breakfast. Eggs have been found to be a great source of protein, but on their own, they can become pretty dull after continuous consumption. Consider spicing things up by throwing boiled eggs into a salad. You will realize it is essential to include more protein and fats with bacon and avocado to produce a yummy taste.

This kind of salad will give you around twelve grams of protein, and adding a quarter cup of shredded cheese will provide five more grams.

  • Chickpea scramble breakfast bowl

This is a morning meal that will leave you full till lunch hours. It is super easy to prepare and eat and leaves individuals feeling very energetic. Chickpeas are a fantastic source of protein when you wish to shake things up a bit. Adhering to the recipe to the fullest will give you around ten grams of protein, all with zero animal products. To boost the quantity of protein by five grams, you can attempt the following:

  1. Add a side of vegan sausage or any suitable meat substitute.
  2. Add an egg and a quarter cup of shredded cheese.
  3. Add eggs, an avocado, and a plate of greens for increased nutrients.
  • Delicious breakfast quinoa with eggs and smoked salmon

Quinoa isn’t everyone’s favourite choice for a morning meal, but consumed with fried eggs and smoked salmon, and you’ve got yourself a savoury breakfast that is rich in protein. Each of these main components is very nutritious, and they result in a perfect mixture of textures that leave you yearning for more.

A single serving of this yummy quinoa breakfast will give you almost fourteen grams of protein. If you double the quantity of animal protein (salmon or eggs), you will immensely increase the nutrients you get.

  • Eggs Benedict with avocado hollandaise

Despite being a favourite of the masses, eggs benedict can be changed into a super healthy source of protein as you start your day. It is wise to undoubtedly attempt this take on a brunch classic whenever you can. However, get rid of the bread and add a bed of sweet potatoes. To top it all, you can include poached eggs and a super tasty avocado hollandaise.

You should expect to get around fourteen grams of protein which can be further increased by adding protein-rich meals like eggs, tofu, and cheese.

  • Delicious tempeh breakfast sandwiches

When you rise in the morning with pangs of hunger, then this can prove to be the perfect morning meal for you. You can crush your early cravings and, in the process, consume a large quantity of protein (twenty-nine grams) with this tasty sandwich.

Some of the ingredients include baby spinach, avocado, and tempeh piled onto a muffin.

  • Turmeric quinoa breakfast bowls

Turmeric is a high-quality spice that can be applied to plenty of dishes, including chicken and lattes. You will find this string antioxidant ingredient in this protein morning meal. Quinoa and eggs are the primary protein sources here. Adding the onions, peppers, and turmeric act to add plenty of flavours. If you decide to add around two eggs to this breakfast bowl, it is reasonable to expect around twenty-five grams of protein.


As we have seen in the above article, there are numerous ways that you can use to pack more protein into your breakfast. These are just some of the top suggestions, and you can find plenty more on the internet. In conclusion, you must always strive to ensure you consume plenty of protein to start your day with energy and satisfaction.

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