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Soften Your Beard With These Easy Care Tips

If you want a soft beard, you’re going to have to maintain it. You might be able to get away with just a quick shampoo and conditioning for the hair on your head but maintaining your facial hair will take some real effort.

That’s because facial hair is thick, coarse, and unruly by nature. It’s also itchy and fussy. Facial hair is more likely to become dehydrated, develop split ends, and become sharp and prickly due to lack of moisture.

So, to sum things up, an unmaintained beard can be a real pain. Learning how to maintain and soften your beard really doesn’t take that long and it’s not expensive, either. Here’s everything you need to know about how to soften your beard and keep it that way on the day-to-day. 

What’s making your beard rough in the first place?

Before we dive into proper beard care for a softer beard, it’s important to understand why your beard isn’t soft in the first place. If the underlying conditions aren’t right, your beard won’t stay soft no matter what products you incorporate into your routine. Once you correct whatever’s causing your rough beard, keeping it soft with proper care will be much easier.

  • Lack of Moisture

If your beard hairs are dry and brittle, they won’t be soft. Dried-out hair, whether it’s on your head or your face, is rough and more prone to split ends and breakage. Your skin produces natural oils that moisturize your face and beard, but harsh cleansers and the elements can strip away those natural oils.

If you want your beard to be soft, you need to replenish the natural oils in your skin with a high-quality facial moisturizer. Clean, simple moisturizing products are not only essential for keeping your skin and beard soft, but they may also help your beard grow thicker and fuller, so they’re definitely worth the effort.

  • Dehydration

While lack of moisture is caused by external elements, dehydration happens when your body isn’t taking in enough liquids. Chronic dehydration leads to dry skin and dry hair, and if it’s not corrected, you simply won’t be able to maintain a soft beard.

Basically, dehydration occurs when your body uses more fluids than it takes in. Making a point of drinking plenty of water every day will help to ensure that your beard and skin are well hydrated.

  • Split Ends

If you think back to when you first started growing your beard, you’ll probably remember that it was nice and soft in those early stages of growth. That’s because those new hairs haven’t been exposed to harsh conditions for very long.

Daily exposure to wind, sun, and dull blades on your beard trimmer can take a toll on those hairs, causing split ends over time. Split ends happen when the protective cuticle at the end of your hair becomes damaged. 

Split ends in your beard hair will cause it to feel rough and look ragged and ungroomed, and that’s not a good look no matter how you’re dressed. Keeping your beard trimmed regularly with sharp trimmers and keeping it moisturized will help to prevent split ends.

  • Hard Water

All water isn’t created equal, at least not when we’re talking about maintaining a soft beard. Hard water contains a lot of minerals and can leave behind a chalky residue on any surface it comes into contact with.

Washing your face and showering in hard water will leave your beard feeling rough, dry, and tangled. It also makes it difficult to rinse away soap residue, which will make your beard even rougher. The best remedy for hard water is a water softener or filter.

How to Care for Your Beard Properly

Now, let’s move onto one of the most fundamental aspects of maintaining a soft beard. Taking care of the hair in your beard isn’t the same as caring for the hair on your head. The two types of hair are completely different. 

Not only that, but the hair on your face is more exposed to damaging elements than the hair on your head. Your beard is more exposed to severe weather, shaving and trimming, and constant touching throughout the day. 

All of these factors can lead to a rough, dry beard and your girlfriend (or future girlfriend) isn’t going to like that! Choosing the right beard care products is essential for keeping your beard protected, nourished, and soft. If you really want your beard to be soft, you’ve got to start with proper daily care.

  • Washing Your Beard

Start by using a beard brush or a soft toothbrush to exfoliate the skin beneath your beard. Brushing the skin while you’re in the shower helps to remove dead skin cells and impurities that can make your beard rough. 

 A clean beard will always be softer than a dirty one, so choosing a good beard wash is important. Beard wash is specially formulated to soften beard hair and add moisture.

Apart from beard wash, the availability of the mild ones with natural ingredients like Gisou’s honey shampoo and conditioner are known to have shown some amazing results for sensitive facial skin, too. Be sure to massage your shampoo throughout your entire beard, all down to the roots. Massaging will boost circulation and help keep your beard healthier and softer.

Be sure to rinse your beard thoroughly before moving on to the next step.

  • Conditioning Your Beard

After your beard is clean, it’s time to apply a beard conditioner. Use a generous amount and massage it into your beard hair and the skin underneath. Rinse thoroughly and be sure to pat your beard dry with a towel when you get out of the shower.

  • Apply a Beard Balm

Beard balm is an essential step for a soft, manageable beard. It’s applied after the beard is clean and towel dried. Beard balm is basically a leave-in conditioner that leaves your beard soft and manageable.

Look for a beard balm that contains almond oil to promote growth, shea butter for moisture, and beeswax for protecting the hair from the elements and providing some control.

  • Applying Beard Oil

Beard oil is key for a super soft beard. Beard oils are formulated with a hydrating carrier oil plus essential oils that add fragrance and softness. Avoid products with synthetic fragrances that can cause irritation.

Applying beard oil each day will minimize itchiness and soften the hair. It will give your beard a well-groomed appearance and add essential moisture to your facial skin and hair. After about a week of consistent use, you’ll be amazed at how much softer and more manageable your beard is.

Beard oil should only be applied once your beard is clean, conditioned, and completely dry. Place two drops of the oil in the palms of your hands and massage it into your beard from root to tip. Start out with a very small amount because too much oil will cause your beard to look greasy.

  • Combing and Brushing Your Beard

Unfortunately, beard hair tends to grow in several different directions, which can be quite frustrating. A beard brush and comb are the best solutions for getting the hair to lay the way you want it to.

Use your beard comb to pull the hair in the direction you want it to lay each day. Then, follow up with a boar bristle beard brush to soften the beard by distributing the hydrating oils evenly throughout your beard.

  • Trimming Your Beard

It’s inevitable that your beard will develop some split ends from time to time. Regular trims will help keep this issue to a minimum. Be sure to trim your hair when it’s clean and dry. Use only a sharp beard trimmer or sharp beard scissors because a dull blade will only create more split ends.

Scissors are the best choice for evening out the beard while a beard trimmer is ideal for shaping the beard and defining the edges.

Wrapping Things Up

It’s also worth noting that your diet can have a major impact on the health of your beard. Eating a healthy diet that’s rich that contains plenty of protein, healthy fats, and fruits and vegetables will help your beard grow faster, fuller, and have a healthier appearance overall. In short, providing your body with the right nutrients will ensure that you grow a healthy beard right from the start.

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