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Basic Home Grooming Tips Every Parent Should Know About in 2021

Basic Home Grooming Tips for Little Boys

After months under lockdown/quarantine and with barbershops closed, you may have to start playing the role of a stylist not only on yourself but your kids as well.

Now, self-styling is easy; you’ve probably done it a thousand times already. But what happens when you want to groom your little boys? Have you done it before?

If your answer is “No,” don’t worry. This post has been written with you in mind.

Basically, I’ll walk you through everything you can do to keep your kids looking smart and well-groomed.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get down to it.

Top Three Boys Hair Care Tips for Parents

Whether your son has long or short hair, these hair care tips will work great – even for natural hair.

1. Don’t Shampoo Every Day

You can wash your little boy’s hair whenever you need to, but avoid shampooing it everytime. Moreover, try and use sulfate-free shampoos. What are sulfates?

Sulfates are what create the lathering effect to help hair removal . Regular shampooing – especially with sulfates – can leave his hair dry by stripping it of its natural oils.

2. Stick to a Specific Product

Unlike adults, kids tend to have very soft skin. And that means that they can easily get irritated by aggressive or excessive use of hair care products. To ensure your kid doesn’t experience skin damage and unnecessary irritation, find him one product that works best for his skin/hair and stick to it.

3. Use Leave-in Conditioning

Using a regular conditioner after every wash is basic knowledge, but what about a leave-in conditioner? Well, leave-in conditioners are hair care essentials nowadays. They offer extra moisture without any of the greasiness.

Moreover, they can help you to easily detangle hair strands. To do this, apply the conditioner to your son’s towel-dried hair and run a comb through it.

Got it?

With that in mind, the next thing you need to know is how to cut your son’s hair. Here’s what you need to do:

How to Cut Your Boy’s Hair at Home

Cutting a kid’s hair can be quite a tedious endeavor; especially, when dealing with boys under 5 years. It’s usually hard for them to sit still – even for just a minute. But, anyway, before I tell you how to remedy a child’s hyperactivity during a haircut. I want to ask you one question; do you have everything you need for a DIY haircut?

Note that hair clipping capability is often highly dependent on the tools you use. Having the right ones can make your work a tad bit easier as well as giving your child a pleasant haircutting experience. Below is a list of five must-haves for home barbering:

1. A Good Quality Hair Clipper

It is a fact that the clipper you choose can greatly influence your hair cutting experience and outcome. I know it can be tempting to go for a cheap and low-quality hair clipper to mitigate costs but don’t. Why?

Quality hair clipper not only ensure you get a clean and even shave on the first pass but also offer better value for money in terms of durability and robustness.

Moreover, professional clippers won’t tug and pull your boy’s hair; hence, making sure that he’s comfortable and enjoying his haircut. If you’d like help finding a quality haircutter, this informative post on the best Andis Clippers by is a great place to start.

2. Quality, Professional Shears

Note that your usual home scissors aren’t ideal for cutting kids’ hair. Basically, using the wrong shears can quickly become uncomfortable and tiring. This, in turn, may lead to a prolonged or bad haircut.

So, if your kid has fine hair, then a pair of effective shears is a must-have. This is because fine hair – unlike most hair types – clearly displays every error made. So, if a presentable haircut is what you are after, grab yourself a pair of professional shears.

3. A Nice Protective Cape

Of course, a cape has to be on this list. Cutting hair at home can be messy and capes often help to mitigate that. However, if you can’t get a cape, use a towel.

4. A Trimmer

Get this; trimmers aren’t really necessary for an at-home haircut for your kid, but they do come in handy when you want to do some detailing work and final touches on your son’s haircut. Plus, if you’re the artistic parent, you’ll need a trimmer to do any hairline designs and tattoos.

5. A Brush or Comb

Using a brush or comb is simple enough: brush the section you’ve just cut to see if you missed any hair. Also, make sure you brush with the grain but shave against it. Shaving against the grain ensures you get a clean and even cut easily.

Awesome, right?

Well, before I end this post, let’s look at what you can do to cut your son’s hair when they can’t sit still or don’t want to get a haircut.

Tips on Cutting Your 5-Year-Old’s (or Below) Hair at Home

Now that you have all the tools you need, here are some quick tips to make the haircutting experience more pleasurable for these hyperactive and stubborn little ninjas.

1. Offer Distractions

The hardest part of cutting your little one’s hair is getting them to sit still. Haircuts often go wrong when the subject moves a lot and can, sometimes, lead to injuries. A perfect solution to this is keeping them distracted with entertainment.

For example, setting up your cutting station in front of a TV and putting on their favorite show can keep them focused on one thing. Alternatively, if you are cutting their hair in the bathroom, you could bring them a phone or iPad among other things.

2. Create Separations

Separating different sections of hair isn’t a must – but just good practice. Although, separations will come in very handy if you plan on leaving some sections of hair longer than others. To achieve this, use clips or bands to tie those sections together before you start cutting.

3. Upright Sitting

Having your child sit upright gives you a good view of his head. This helps you get an even cut all around – that way one side doesn’t end up longer than another. Also, before you start cutting, see how long they can sit like this. This will help you anticipate and plan for breaks. Plus, they should be sitting high enough so that you don’t strain your back while cutting.

4. Don’t Stress Over be a Perfectionist

Remember, you are not a professional barber. You’re just a mom trying to hold the fort until barbershops reopen. So, instead of giving your son some crazy hair designs, keep it simple – like you would with maintenance cuts.

Also, be sure to take your time while cutting especially if you are new to this. You can also do multiple passes on the same section to make sure it is even.


And this marks the end of this post. Have you enjoyed it or learned something? I hope so. With these basics, home grooming your son(s) doesn’t have to be a tedious task. It can be a fun family activity that everyone looks forward to. And while you’re at it, you can check out this insightful post by on the best fashion tips for women. Thank you for your time.

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