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How an All On 4 Dental Implant Can Create a New Smile? 

Do you have a missing tooth? Tooth loss can cause due to several reasons, including injury, gum disease and tooth decay. Tooth implants are a great solution to replace the natural teeth you may miss! They offer several benefits, including:  – There is no need to wear dentures or partials  – You get back your smile  – The implant will function just like any other healthy tooth. Read on to learn more about what All On 4 dental implants can do for your smile.  

Difference Between All On 4 Compare, A Partial Denture Or Conventional Dental Implants  

All 4 Dental Implants are different from conventional dental implants. All on 4 dental implants can replace the entire arch of teeth. Therefore, it can be seen as a permanent treatment option, unlike partial dentures or conventional dental implants.  

Dental implants are that they can assist in chewing food, speaking more clearly, and giving you a better smile. In addition to this benefit, there’s decreased risk for bone loss compared with conventional implant procedures.  

The benefits of All on 4 dental implants are many. Not only does this technique provide better quality than other options, but it also allows patients the option to finance their treatment through insurance companies without being turned away due to financial constraints or lack thereof. 

Number of Surgeries Required For All On 4 Tooth Implant Treatment 

With All-on 4 implant treatment, you will have two surgeries. The first removes all of your teeth except for four fitted with an artificial tooth replacement device. This is accomplished to make space for the second surgery where a dental titanium rod and six screws are used as supports near where mouth laughing matters most: beyond our gums. 

[1] This surgery will be quick and easy, with likely no need for anaesthetics. 

[2] The second procedure makes it possible for you to have all of your teeth without any fillings or crowns. Your dentist will remove bone from around those remaining teeth to support an artificial gum tissue called “pulp”, which takes about 2 hours total time, and results in a natural smile. 

Tooth Position of All On 4 Implants  

All on 4 implants are a long-term key to chew food more accessible and live life the way you want without worrying about your teeth. In addition, they provide greater strength than traditional dentures because they are anchored onto jawbone with titanium screws, making them perfect for people who have trouble eating or speaking correctly due to issues related to their mouth’s condition, such as missing tooth(s).  

To Conclude 

If you miss a few teeth or have had some dental problems in the past, All on four might be best for your future. These implants come with many advantages: low cost, quick procedure time (under an hour), no need to bone graft after surgery because they contain synthetic materials instead of real ones. It leads to faster healing periods, too, so less pain post-op than if patients were using traditional methods like dentures/bridges. Of course, there’s always some discomfort involved when moving around.  


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