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Wedding Bands Rush. Everything You Need to Know And More

Wedding bands have long symbolized the utter devotion and passion between husband and wife. However, many couples find shopping for the perfect rings daunting. The jewellery industry has developed vastly over the past decade, and a broad assortment can make you feel at a loss. Here’s a step-by-step guide to save you the trouble:

Use the engagement ring as a starting point.

Surely you want your rings to complement each other.

Select a metal

There are no limitations when it comes to the wedding band’s material. You can go for precious metals or alternatives. The most sought after materials are: yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum.

Yellow gold wedding bands are a classic, timeless option that signifies an unbreakable bond. The design shows: “the wearer is busy, hands off” and carries the idea of strong family ties. Rose gold wedding bands add romantic sparkle and mesmerize with their original gender-neutral hue. Meanwhile, white gold and platinum bands focus on the holiness and sturdiness of the union.

In recent years, tantalum wedding bands have also increased in demand by men. Tantalum rings with greyish hue are scarce, hypoallergenic and tarnish-resistant. They are said to represent masculinity and deep commitment.

Pick the metal that speaks to your soul. Caution: if you intend on wearing it near the engagement ring, choose identical material for the bands not to damage each other.

Stick to your budget

Determine how much you are ready to spend and keep in mind that there are top-notch quality rings for both 100$and 1000$. Nevertheless, the rarer the metal – the higher the price.

Pick a ring style

The design of the wedding band is its most crucial part because it creates the general look. Take your time and ponder over the following questions:

Which type of band do I want? For your convenience, we’ve categorized the wedding bands into two main sections: diamond (adorned with rocks) and plain. Most couples prefer rings without any embellishments because of their practicality.

What kind of finish meets my expectations? The ring’s finish is the final surface touch that forges a distinctive pattern. While shopping for the wedding bands, you’ll come across brushed, polished, hammered, sandpapered and other finishes. Opt for the one you find most aesthetic.

Leave nothing to a chance

Before laying out money on the coveted rings, inquire about the cost of adjustments, replacements, and insurance.

GS Diamonds Wedding Bands FAQs

When to shop for wedding bands? The key moment is to start selecting your wedding bands beforehand, don’t leave it to the last minute! Many lovebirds postpone this essential step. Unsurprisingly, most of their budget is already spent, and precious bands become an empty gesture. However, we are confident you want your rings to be an eternal symbol of love that you’ll gladly wear to every occasion. We are going to explain just how to do it.

To avoid making rash decisions, discuss what you have in mind with your partner and place an order in advance to make any changes if necessary.

Do our wedding bands have to match? Wedding bands are your “intimate” gifts to each other, so there’s no rule to dictate the proper metal or style. These little affirmations of love should depict your individualities, and shared experience is what makes them unique. If you do wish to have rings in an identical style, look for unisex items, accessories that feature similar elements like sandstone finish or blend two metals that you fancy. By the way, there is an intriguing half white/half rose gold bands selection on GS Diamonds wedding bands website. Don’t hesitate to check out)

How to take care of the wedding bands? To keep your rings brand-new, take them to the jeweller once a year for a professional clean. Furthermore, daily caution and gentle care will increase the durability of your jewellery and preserve its integrity. We recommend taking your rings off when doing household chores to prevent scratching and tarnishing. As for maintenance tips: use a soft toothbrush and let your band soak in warm soap water for five minutes(but don’t forget to close the sink-we all know how that can end).

Who buys the wedding bands? Nowadays, fewer and fewer couples buy rings separately. It makes sense because most to-be-families share the expenses. Whether you decide to honour the tradition and keep everything a surprise or go shopping together, be ready to spend about 3 percent of your wedding budget. Naturally, prices vary and are influenced by the ring’s metal, width and finger size.

Regardless of which rings you choose, reaching a common solution and being there for one another is what the custom is about.

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