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Ponytail Extension Hairstyles You Must Try

Updos and ponytails are classic hairstyles for those of you who hate having the same post-styling routine every day. You may all wish that you could have different hairstyles, but your hair won’t cooperate.

However, if you’ve ever wondered how to make your ponytail bigger or more voluminous, it is possible without cutting your hair or using a fake ponytail extension. You can create a long ponytail with natural human hair extensions.

Read on to see what’s involved in adding more volume to your existing ponytail.

Why Should You Choose Ponytails?

Ponytails are one of the world’s most popular hairstyles because they are quick, easy – even freeing – to style, especially after a shower when you’re already rushing out the door.

Ponytails are the most effortless hairstyle to maintain, especially playing sports. They can be worn casually for a day picnic, for a night out with friends, at the gym or office, and almost anyone can wear them.

It is possible because they provide an instant style upgrade without requiring much time or effort. It will also give you a break from styling your hair every day by pulling it back away from your face. Plus, they’re not as complicated as most updo styles. Ponytails are versatile too.

You have to tie your hair into a ponytail and then twist or wrap around sections of it to create lots of different looks.

Can You Wear Ponytail with Hair Extensions?

Ponytails look great on their own and even better when paired with natural human hair extensions. Many women choose to wear their hair with ponytail hair extensions to add length and volume. It is because natural hair can be layered or cut to frame your face better, drawing attention up from the roots of your natural hair where it may be thinning.

The added volume also complements a smaller forehead and balances any facial features that seem too big for your head.

Why Use Ponytail Hair Extensions?

Some women wear a regular pre-tied or clip-in ponytail extension instead of their hair when they want a heavier ponytail without teasing or backcombing their natural hair first.

Ponytails are also helpful if you have had layers cut into your mane recently but would instead not grow them all out again yet. You can tie your hair into a ponytail extension to get that long-haired look back.

Ponytails are also great for those who have been noticing their hair thinning as you can cover up the areas of your scalp where there is no longer much volume and give the illusion of thicker, fuller locks.

What Do You Need?

There are several types of ponytail extensions on the market. You can choose from clip-in pre-tied pieces, wefted single knots or double knots, hybrid sets containing both wefts and knots, and crochet/knitted sets.

Each type comes in different materials such as horsehair, human hair (virgin or Remy), synthetic fibers, and blend combinations. Depending on what is most important to you, you might prefer one type over the others.

What are Ponytail Hair Extensions Made of?

Different ponytail hair extensions are made of different materials, depending on their quality and the cost of the product. The more expensive ones are often made with natural human hair, while some clips may contain synthetic fibers.

Synthetic clip-in pieces can be suitable for beginners who want to wear ponytails before investing in human hair products, which can get costly for regular use. You can select a ponytail extension of your choice of material.

Horsehair is also growing in popularity because it’s stronger than other natural fibers like boar bristles or yak hair (used in traditional sets). It does not fray easily and will hold its shape well after repeated washing. However, like all animal-derived materials, horsehair extensions are not vegan-friendly.

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