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Getting A Perfectly Winged Eyeliner Is Now Easy

When we are discussing make-up, different people have choices that may differ from each other completely. However, there is one thing that we unanimously agree about, and it is that a perfectly winged eyeliner can elevate your make up game single-handedly. Firstly, it gives you the most smoldering look, and secondly, the variety of wing patterns can match any type of look. Now the problem is that wearing eyeliner is in itself a challenge for so many people. Plus, shaky hands can spoil the look in a minute. So, here we have a brief tutorial on how to easily achieve the perfectly winged eyeliner.

Creating a perfectly winged eyeliner

Here is a tutorial for you to follow and easily create the perfect trending look with gorgeous eyes.

Using an angled eyeliner brush

An angled eyeliner brush is a perfect tool that will solve your eyeliner problems. Precisely, this is the easiest way of doing it. For a neater result, you can make the brush wet and then draw the lines.


  • Start by dipping the brush in your liquid eyeliner, and make it wet. Now place the brush on the outer rim of the eye and angle it with your temples.
  • Take the same brush and restart from the base line, but this time in an inverted way. Create the stroke this time to create the main curve or wing.
  • There is a gap now between the lines that you have drawn. Dip your brush in the eyeliner pot again and wet it. This time you will have to fill in the gap, and complete the wing.

Let’s do it free hand

Now, this one needs quite a lot of practice to achieve that perfection. Besides, practice makes your fingers steadier when you want to create a nice and long wing. However, it is absolutely achievable, and after a few days of trial and error, you will be able to get perfect winged eyeliner look in only a couple of minutes.


  • You need a pencil eyeliner to create the base line first. Draw that line on the outer lining of your eyes, keeping a good angle with the eyebrows. Also, you can stretch the like based on your desired length of the wing.
  • Now, start back once again right from the point where the base line ended, and return backwards. This is to complete the full wing. As a beginner, it may seem to be a bit difficult to stretch the same line till the innermost corner of the eye. In that case, you can stretch it till the middle of the upper lash, and then again continue till the end. Besides, you must make sure that the second line must start thick and then thin down gradually as it reaches the innermost end of the eye. Especially, if you have smaller eyes, this is the way you can highlight them more.
  • It is time to fill the gap between the two lines that you just created. Try to do it as evenly as possible, without disturbing the outlines.
  • If you prefer a more natural finishing, then leave it at the previous step. However, you want it to look more professional, then you must darken the outline to give it a sharper look. Also, if you are at all going for a more professional look, then you can leave the outer edges of the wing rough at first. Later, you can smoothen it up with the eyeliner for a cleaner and more perfect look.

P.S: If you are opting for the free hand method, then ideally you should rest your hand on a steady and flat surface. In this way, you can get better control of your strokes and hand movements.

Now, if the above tutorial is of not much help to you, don’t be scared because what you need right now is just a little bit more practice. Till then, you can still get a stylish winged eyeliner look with the help of objects such as brushes, or scotch tapes.

Use a tape for the perfect wing

Let’s not keep fixing that eyeliner every day, and learn a few exciting tricks to get the perfect lines. Yes, you heard it right, because just that old cellophane tape or a scotch tape can do the trick for you.


  • Cut out a piece from a cellophane sheet of 2cm, and stick it along the external edge of the eyes, in a way that your want the wings to look like.
  • Use the tape as the outline and draw the outer line. Now make the inverted stroke from the point where the tape ends.
  • Finish off the wing by smoothening the line on the upper lash line.

So, which method out of the above list do you prefer? We are sure you can try all of them because they are the easiest ones.

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