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Modelling has been one of the most sought-after careers in the entertainment industry. While every aspiring model wants to become the next Gigi Hadid and grace the cover of Vogue, it is easier said than done. Though the opportunities to become a model have increased, it still requires a lot of preparation and strategy to stand out and get noticed. Gone are those days when you could depend on your luck to get spotted. Now it takes a lot of discipline, effort, and perseverance to break into the modeling industry and kickstart your modeling career. Here are some important tips you should know to begin your modeling journey.


Runway Model

As the name suggests they take part in runway shows or, as they are popularly known fashion shows. Runway models have to always wear heavy makeup and accessories. They also have to change clothes as they walk on the ramp to showcase the dresses designed by fashion designers. A runway or ramp model is hired based on his/her experience.

Fitness Model

A fitness model has a well-defined body with toned muscles. They weigh more because the muscle they have their body fat is quite less. Fitness magazines often advertise fitness models to make their journey reach out to people. Some of them also work as fitness trainers to promote the habit of staying fit. There are also fitness competitions, and some of them take part in them as well.

Glamour Models

They don’t have strict requirements about the model’s figure, it’s more about the sexual appeal they can portray in photoshoots. These models majorly feature lingerie modeling, men’s magazines, and music videos.

Plus-Size Models

The body measurements of these fashion models are not what has been expected of fashion models in yesteryears. The primary reason being the clothes manufactured for these models were not feasible enough, because most women in the real world are not that toned figuratively. That is why the plus-ze fashion industry is getting popularised despite being on a smaller scale at the present

Alternative Models

Models who prefer doing an unconventional photo shoot like pun, fetish, goth, etc are called alternative models.

Part Models

Part models are models that are employed based on their particular body parts. It can be hands, legs, chest, lips, etc. It is usually for sexually appealing body parts. But weight loss agencies also hire overweight people for their specific body parts for promoting their products.

That was all about the types. Now practically speaking, you cannot get every type of modeling. So here are certain steps that you might follow:


Modeling is an art. It requires as much effort as any other form of art. So begin small and keep on working. Study posing, understand how it is done. Practice runway walking in front of the mirror. Get comfortable in every type of shoe, especially heels. You will be asked to walk, run, jump and even skip in heels. Be it watching tutorials on youtube, or reading fashion magazines, watching American’s top model, and learning a model’s journey. Learn and practice.

Know your body, and more importantly, know your face. With and without makeup, with your hair pulled up and let down. Do you have big eyes? Do you have full lips, which profile of yours looks better? Nothing the photographer or the fashion designer says should come as a surprise. Be prepared enough.


First, practice in front of the mirror. Try smiling, laughing, and giving intense looks on cue. Discover interesting positions and angles that your body can bend into naturally and comfortably. Learn how to develop poses by moving minimally in front of the shutter clicks, to give a different look to each snap. The successful models that you see in the leading modeling agencies Sydney, New York, Los Angeles didn’t just get lucky sitting in front of the camera. They equally worked hard with the skilled photographers in creating the masterpiece. It is essential to have the correct facial expressions, the right posing skills for becoming a model. While the photographer envisions the art and uses his knowledge of lighting, aperture, and framing to bring it to life, the model compliments them with their poses. You have to be confident in front of the camera to become a model. To begin with, practice in front of the mirror first, then stand in front of a camera and practice. You can also ask a friend to click your photos, while you discover poses and comfortable angles. Once that is done reach out to a professional photographer.


There are two types of portfolios that you will need to prepare. First is the traditional portfolio which is like a resume. It should contain 8-10 photographs along with a brief catalog of your modeling experience. This is the one you take to casting agents during interviews. The second one is an online portfolio where you can experiment and show the breadth of your experience. Begin with a headshot. It could be a smiling or a serious face, but it should show your natural state. Minimal makeup, minimal styled hair, and minimal jewelry. A headshot could be till the shoulder or till the waist. The next thing on your portfolio should be a full body shot. You need to ensure that your posture accurately displays your body.


Before signing up with a modeling agency, do your research. Make a list of questions and preferences. For example, is the agency legit? Does it have any bad reviews? Are they currently accepting models like you? What was their recent campaign? Do you want to represent this agency and the vice-versa? Once your research is fulfilled, submit your digital profile to your selected agencies. You don’t have to know all of the fashion industry to clear the interview, just stay informed.


Rejection is indispensable to this field. You have to learn to accept a NO on your face. Even the finest models to have walked the face of the earth have had to face rejection, and cruel criticism. While you have to focus on grooming your body, you have to prepare your mind as well, to not let yourself succumb to criticisms.

We think you now know enough to spread your wings wide into the modeling world. Just remember to stay professional, safe, and confident. If you have the spark and the grit, you will make it.

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