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8 Hair Care Resolutions to Make This New Year

New year, new hair — that’s what we say! Time to start prioritizing those New Year’s resolutions, and what better way to kick-start the new year than with simple, attainable hair care goals? You may feel like it’s difficult to break your regular hair routine, but by implementing these resolutions — like reducing your use of heat tools and trying professional hair care products — you’ll help keep your hair healthy, shiny and always beautiful.

Find a Cleansing Regimen and Stick to It

Determining the right hair washing routine can be tricky as it varies depending on your hair type, length, thickness and many other factors — which is why it might take a bit of time to find the perfect routine. But, once you find something that works for you, stick to it. If your hair tends to dry out easily, you may want to avoid shampooing too often or even try co-washing — a hair washing method that involves only using conditioner. People with very dry or very textured hair may find co-washing to be the best option. If your hair tends to become oily easily, use professional shampoo every other day or every two days to keep it clean and gorgeous.

Wash Your Hair in Cooler Water

Though nothing feels better than a steamy hot shower, washing your hair in high temperatures can actually cause quite a bit of damage and breakage. Keep the temperature up while washing your body, but when it’s time to rinse your hair, try turning the temp down.

If you’re washing your hair with shampoo, you can keep the temperature a bit higher to help open the cuticles and pores in your scalp, allowing the shampoo to cleanse deeply. But, if you’re conditioning, turn the temperature down to lukewarm or even cool. This will help close the hair cuticles, retaining moisture and producing a shiny finish.

Use a Weekly Hair Mask

Using a deep conditioner or a weekly hair mask will keep your hair healthy, strong and shiny. If you have treated hair or dry hair, you may want to use a mask two to three times a week, while those with untreated or more oily hair will want to stick to the recommended weekly mask.

Always apply a hair mask to wet hair. This will allow the mask to penetrate the hair cuticles, leaving you with a polished, silky head of hair. Avoid overusing hair masks as they may cause buildup. Hair masks are particularly great to use in the winter as cooler weather can zap moisture out of our hair, making it all the more important to keep your hair hydrated.

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Avoid Going to Bed with Wet Hair

Although it can be tempting to take a warm, relaxing shower and hop right into bed at the end of the day, going to sleep with wet hair can cause unnecessary breakage. Our hair is weaker while wet and moving around in your sleep while your hair is in a fragile state can cause damage. Try washing your hair earlier in the day and allowing it to dry for maximum healthy results.

Incorporate Hair-Healthy Foods into Your Diet

An easy way to practice better hair care (and better self-care) is simply by integrating healthy hair foods into your diet. Salmon has a lot of omega-3s, which is a good type of fat that keeps hair shiny. Dark, leafy greens like spinach and kale can help strengthen your hair, lessening breakage and adding healthy vitamins into your diet.

Reduce Your Use of Heat Tools

We all love our heat tools — but we also know how much damage these tools can cause. The best thing you can do for your hair is give it a break from heat. Learning how to style your hair without heat tools can significantly improve your hair health. Try limiting the number of times you use your curling iron or straightener per week. If you can let your hair air dry, do it. If you need to blow dry style your hair, try using the cool or low setting to minimize damage.


Get a Trim at the Salon Regularly

Letting go of even a quarter-inch of hair can be tough sometimes. We often sacrifice healthy hair choices in order to keep length, but getting a trim on the regular is going to encourage growth and keep your hair looking beautiful. If you want to maintain the same length, stylists recommend getting a trim every six to eight weeks. If you’re looking to grow your hair, get a trim every eight to 12 weeks.

Sleep with a Silk Pillowcase

This is one of the simplest steps you can take to have shinier, stronger hair. Silk pillowcases reduce breakage and promote shine. Replace those old cotton pillowcases with smooth silk ones, and you’ll notice a difference in your hair condition.

The Year of Gorgeous Hair

This year, make it your priority to stick to these New Year’s resolutions that will promote hair growth and give you those luscious locks you dream of. Start by implementing a hair washing routine for your hair type with professional shampoo and then start making other easy changes like incorporating more hair-healthy foods and reducing your use of heat tools. Then, get out there and show the world beautiful, gorgeous you!


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