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Technology+Write For Us

Hello there,

Welcome to the world of techs. All our agendas are related to tech-savvies and IT domain information. We are opening positions for bloggers and content writers (Technology + “Write For Us” + Guest Post).

We are dealing with trustable tech-friendly ideas for people who need solutions for their bugs.

Come Technology + write for us.

We are now accepting Technology “write for us”.

Our domains for technology are-

  • Tech news
  • New technology updates
  • Trendsetters of Technology
  • Articles on future tech, and so on technology + write for us +guest post.

Our readers consist mostly of the techies & non-techies, from various industries, which in result calls for us as the best spot to technology + write for us + guest post.

We are hiring writers for the technology domain at technology +” write for us”. In need of experts to come forward.

We are allowing freshers at technology + write for us + guest post

Please make sure your stuff is well-researched for best.

Technology + Write For Us + Guest Post

Why will you Guest Post with us?

Bloggers and influencing writers with fresh and worthy ideas are embraced by BeautynFashionBlog.

We publish your articles (technology + write for us) on our website. Moreover, we promote your articles through different social media chains as well.

Explore to a vast audience front who are eagerly sitting to reach some excellent tech content ahead.

Growing every day is what we are looking for consistently. Every day, every work is valuable for us.

Kindly, learn about us, to grasp what we post technology + “write for us “.

Who can write for us?

For our website, we are seeking passionate tech professionals to work for us (Technology + “write for us” + guest post).

If you want to give it a try, please keep reading below technology + write for us + guest post.

Who Should Post at Technology + “write for us”?

A good question, isn’t it?

And to answer the query anyone who holds these categories can technology + write for us + guest post

The one who wants to grow his or her brand’s popularity can apply to it.

In fact, the one who wants to connect to the technology “write for us” buff will come ahead.

In addition to this, we welcome the ones who have their own stories to tell and think our readers to be the finest ones.

Everybody gets the opportunity equally in Beauty n Fashion  Blog.

You have to follow some rules and procedures as per need.

Technology Write For Us

And what are these rules?  Technology +” write for us”+ Guest Post

Follow these rules:-

  • The content should be simple, spelling checked, and should make sense.
  • Clean and straightforward words are more appreciated.
  • Write short and compact paragraphs. The paragraphs should consist of three lines.
  • Reader-friendly text is our need. So, do not use complicated words.
  • We require zero error and smooth, constructed content.
  • The use of headings and sub-headings in the article is a must.
  • Your content should be written in Word format.
  • You should research well for every fact.
  • Remember not to use any plagiarised stuff.
  • No grammar and spelling mistakes will be spared.
  • Send a high-resolution image; it is optional, though. Let alone copyrighted ones.
  • The word limit should be anything between 450 -1000.
  • Besides, make sure you are not posting the same article somewhere else.
  • Content should be related to the subject. Hence, irrelevant posts are not published here.
  • It’s essential to add an interlink to your previous blog posts.
  • Adding an outer link is optional though.
  • You must ignore any broken link.
  • The latest trending articles are more liked.

How to post for us? Technology + write for us + Guest Post

  • Kindly send us a sample write-up content for the use of reference technology + “write for us” + guest post.
  • Do attach your email address and contact details.
  • Add up your social links.
  • Please send us a photo of yours so that we can further use it in your author’s profile picture.
  • Write your brief bio with your sample work so that we can add it up to your author’s profile for the readers’ help.

What will happen next? Technology + “write for us” + Guest Post 

Send your sample and details to our email address:

As soon as you send us the work, our editorial stuff receives it. Thereafter, our moderating team starts working on it within 48-72 hours.

For approval, it is must you have to follow our guidelines.

Note: For taking the position of our daily contributor on our website, keep up with us with your fresh and original content, and post us as many articles as you can create.

For any query,

Contact us at!

Connect to us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Feel free to leave your mark here.

We will reply back soon. If not, do not hesitate to remind us.

If there are any changes in the article or you missed some of our guidelines, we will make you aware of it so that you could make the correction.

It will work best for both of us to re-check your content as per the guidelines.

You will be informed whether we have accepted or rejected your content. You can use it wherever you want to.

Technology Tips Write For Us

About Us:-

Our team members efficiently handle all problems and above all, try to solve your problems technology tips write for us.

We hire the best editors for working on your content for the final touch-ups.

Thus, after submission, you can least worry about it.

We will inform you after all formalities are over.

Thank you for visiting us.

We await to see you soon!


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