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5 Ways to Encourage Your Loved One To Go To Rehab

Getting into a rehab center to overcome addiction is not as easy as it seems. Many individuals tremble at the thought of getting admitted into rehab and ultimately getting away from their friends and family.

After all, entering rehab is one of the biggest steps in someone’s life and it indeed can be scary. Even though this particular step can bring you a healthy and happy life, getting ready for this sort of change is difficult.

If someone you love is at this stage, making them understand the importance of rehab is the key. When you let them know how the right addiction treatment can change their lives and maintain their personal, social and family life, they get encouraged.

If they still continue abusing alcohol or other drugs after your initial attempts to keep them away from it, there can be no way back into a sober life. For this reason, they need to rely on one of the  that can get them out of their imaginary world and make them see the reality. And, it is the only way that can motivate them to be a clean, sober, and better human being.

Pushing them constantly to get into rehab won’t work in this case. In fact, it can make the situation even worse. So, what can be done?

Here are the top 5 ways you can use to encourage your loved one to go to rehab and eventually get rid of his or her substance addiction.

Listen To Them Without Being Judgemental

Most addicted individuals experience feelings of self-blame, shame, guilt, anger, sorrow, and disappointments. Seeing your loved one going through this can be devastating. However, you need to be calm and casual while confronting them about their substance abuse issues.

If the above-mentioned emotions come to the surface during confrontations, the situation can go the wrong way. It can push the addicted individuals even further away and get them out of control.

Make sure you avoid being judgemental and listen to whatever they have to say. Most addicts are vulnerable during such situations and thus, it is better not to be preached and extremely truthful.

This can seem like a very difficult thing to maintain for you. However, we suggest getting advice from professionals at one of the best addiction treatment centers in  to move ahead with this.

Educate Them About The Rehab

Many people have some or other myths about rehabs. When you educate them about what rehabs really are, it can make a huge difference.

Try sharing the stories of other addicted people who got into rehab and achieved lasting sobriety. Also, educate them on how a normal day in rehab would be.

Bring all the positive things in your communication so that they can wake up to reality and realize how the substance abuse is affecting them in terms of their physical, psychological, and mental health.

Be Upfront

Be clear about the consequences of their substance addiction. They might be aware of the side effects they are experiencing, but they don’t know what you are facing because of it.

Let them see your concern and care towards them. Talk in a way that they will be moved by your love, honesty, and affection for them. Tell them that rehab will be the best way to get rid of all these problems and it’s just them who can change this situation

Plan An Intervention

Normally, interventions are done in the presence of close friends and family members. When nothing else works, an intervention can be the best way to convince your dear one to get into rehab.

You can count on intervention specialists if you are not sure about what to talk about. Make sure the intervention you plan is not for making them feel ashamed or guilty, but to give them a chance to express their feelings about their addiction.

Admit That You Are Not Aware Of Everything

Most addicts will deny or defend themselves when you try to confront them about the addiction. You have to make them realize that you don’t know everything about their addiction. You can say something like this, “ I don’t know if you really have issues with drugs, it’s just you who knows that! But what I can feel is, your connection with drugs scares me!”


If you or one of your loved ones is addicted to cocaine, help them before it’s too late. The longer they abuse the drug the harder it will be for them to overcome their addiction. Encourage them to go to cocaine drug rehab so they can get their life back on track.


Help is always available to deal with addiction problems. No matter how hard you are trying to get your loved one into rehab, never blame them for the situation. Instead, support them with love and care.


Always support them and wait until they feel that they need a change. Remember, it is all about love, patience, and persistence when trying to bring happiness in the life of your loved ones.

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