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How to Tell If Your CBD Hemp Flower Gone Bad

When you purchase your CBD hemp flower from reputable dispensaries, there’s often no need to worry about whether it’s fresh. The most highly-regarded CBD businesses only stock the best products money can buy, and they ensure they’re suitable for every customer. However, that’s not to say you won’t encounter expired CBD flower in your possession or even at a less-trusted dispensary. Take note of the following tips so that you can identify them easily. 

Notice the Texture

Fresh CBD flower is firm and holds its shape well. It won’t crumble in your hands or fall apart on its own. However, the same can’t be said for aging and possibly expired CBD hemp flower. Once it’s out of its prime use stage, it can become drier, less structured, and crumbly. If you notice that your flower starts to fall apart when you pick it up to try and use it, it might not be in its freshest form. 

Smell It

Both fresh and expired CBD hemp flower will have a smell, especially when it’s extra strong in terpenes. However, the scent might be more potent and noticeable when it’s fresh, as opposed to when it’s reaching the end of its life. If you’re visiting a dispensary and suspect that some products are not as fresh as they should be, perform the sniff test. Compare different products and see whether there’s a noticeable odor in one flower type more than another. 

Study the Appearance

Whether you use CBD hemp flower to help you sleep, relax, or something else, you learn what a healthy, fresh flower looks like with time and experience. As a result, it becomes easier to choose the best CBD products from your local dispensary. 

However, it might not be immediately apparent when you’re new to choosing your own flower. Take note of the color and look for signs of shrinkage. A fresh flower is much more vibrant and fuller than an old one. If you notice predominant shades of gray, yellow, and brown, along with an airy structure with stems and seeds, these can also be signs that your chosen bud is low quality. 

Do the Taste Test

Sometimes, the only way to know that your CBD hemp flower has gone off is by tasting it. Prepare it in your preferred way, such as in a cup of tea, a seasoning, meals, or a dry herb vape, and see if you can notice any difference in the flavor. An old flower can sometimes be more bitter or less intense in its flavor than one that still has its freshness. 

How to Keep Your CBD Hemp Flower Fresh

Aside from purchasing hemp flower from dispensaries you can trust to sell fresh products, there are ways to keep your CBD flower at its best at home. Always store it in a dry, cool, air-tight container away from moisture, light, humidity, and heat. This storage technique can protect your flower from losing or collecting moisture that affects its integrity and quality. 

It can take time and experience to know the difference between a fresh and expired CBD flower. However, by studying the appearance, tasting it, taking notice of the smell, and reviewing the texture, you might be an expert in no time.


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