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10 Beauty hacks Richest Celebrities sworn by

Who does not wish to get that beautiful glowing skin like Kate Middleton, aka Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge? Yes, our own Dutchess of Cambridge. Or, want to know about Shakira’s gorgeous skin’s secret? Though Lord made each and all of us beautiful and unique in our way, yet there is no harm in upgrading your beauty regimen to achieve that flawless you, right?

We follow our regimens, and yet most of the time, fail to get that glow.

To be truthful, when you are a famous female celeb who gives her quite a portion of time in front of the paparazzi, you must have a damn expensive glam squad. From A-grade makeup artists to the leading hairstylists. Those who are experienced and know all of the fantastic tricks and tips.

But with that comes to some beauty and makeup secrets that celebrities have said they do to reap their perfect makeup, glowing skin, shiny hair, and done perfectly.

Remember, some are old home remedies said by your grandma, but some are pretty expensive, and others are not for faint hearts. So, if you won the lottery, you can try them with ultimate care and achieve the benefits.

So Beautynfashion Blog brought you those beauty secrets that the female celebrities swear by. We will list here some most popular millionaire female celebrities’ secret tricks to achieve that all-time diva look.

  1. Lady Gaga & her shampoo in purple: Lady Gaga very well perceives the secret of maintaining her platinum blonde locks in lustrous style. For that, we need to include certain shampoos in our hair-wash routine to remove the unwanted warm tone built up from our hair(brassiness) if you dye your hair as often as Lady Gaga does. Her favorite click is Shimmer Lights Shampoo from Clairol, a deep purple color-coded product. The shampoo will not only neutralize brassiness but also moisturize and add shine to your blonde hair. It helps to brighten the highlights on your hair.
  1. Pony Park(Real name: Park Hye Min): Pony, famous for her YouTube channel ‘Pony syndrome,’ is credited with popularizing Korean beauty trends worldwide. According to her, lipstick is not only for the lips, and eyeshadow is limited to the eyes. Pony encourages us to put lipstick on the cheeks for a light glow of blush or try on eyeliner for certain parts of our face. For example, we can apply and blend a black eyeliner nicely with red lipstick to create an ombre effect, which is quite hyped now. Plus, Pony never forgets to carry her Sunscreen wherever she goes.
  1. Hilary Duff & her vibrant & youthful face: Do you want to know the secret to Hilary Duff’s glowing, vibrant skin? She uses a refreshing spray before starting her makeup. Amazing! I didn’t expect this one to come! A mist just a while before applying your foundation can rejuvenate tired-looking dull skin. The essential ingredients of these mists are antioxidants that help boost up your face’s original Beauty keeping the skin moisturized throughout the day. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist, Dr. Banila Co Dear Hydration Facial Mist, Neutrogena Soothing Clear Turmeric Mist, these are too good!
  1. Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, & her love for bee venom facials: Kate Middleton’s beautiful skin’s secret? Its’s something for solid hearts. Bee venom facials are her go-to to achieve such beautiful juvenile skin. Not at all for the cowards, but possibly as soon as the poison comes touches the face, the skin counters as if it has been stung and automatically swells up. It claims to help heal scars, improve the skin’s texture, fight acne, and reduce wrinkles; this treatment gives first-hand results if done carefully. The aspect has been designated as “Natural Botox” for its firming and anti-wrinkle powers. Avoid this tip if you are allergic to bees.

And since it’s an expensive option, only if you won the lottery of free visits to a cosmetologist to try this miracle every month would you love it. 😉

  1. Singer Jewel & her blushing cheeks: Though Korean lip ink and stains are already in and romping the beauty industry, singer Jewel used this trick long ago. In one of the interviews, she suggested that her secret to achieving those perfect blushed cheeks is to apply a lip stain. The lady singer says that she dotted her cheeks with the lip stain and blends well with fingers before applying her foundation, which gives her cheeks a natural radiance. Applying the lip stain under the foundation makes sure that the lip stain is not too bold, just natural; moreover, the foundation prevents it from getting smudged and gives a soft look. Guess what, it works!
  1. Halle Berry swears by her coffee grounds: Yes, not only is coffee a stress buster and energizer but, it has many beauty benefits as well. The coffee grounds can be a fantastic de-tanning agent if used in face packs, an anti-wrinkle agent, and a great dark-circle remover. Sounds terrific, Nah! Halle mixes coffee grounds to her body wash and then applies it as an exfoliant to help prevent cellulite. The gentle exfoliation it gives, along with the caffeine, boosts up the blood flow while also giving you smooth, glowing skin. Plus, it can also reduce water retention so, it works amazingly for undereye-puffiness.
  1. Lea Michele & her oaths to beautiful skin: Lea swears by drinking sufficient water throughout the day, staying hydrated. In return keeping her skin well-hydrated and radiant. Along with it, get a lot of sleep. We know all, no adage to it, but the most Lea saw the difference in her skin was when she rested well. That makes the most significant difference in how your skin oozes glow.

The benefits of drinking sufficient water can’t ever be overrated. We all know it helps promote our digestive health, which is beneficial for our skin health. We should drink water according to the weight of the body.

  1. Olivia Culpo & eating greens: Olivia understands the priority of a holistic skincare approach. She changed her food habits to help with her acne breakouts. Olivia tried to include more greens in her diet and stopped eating most dairy products. It made such a difference.

Green veggies like spinach are a good source of zinc, fighting inflammation, therefore, acne. Collards, kale, and the like contain zeaxanthin, an antioxidant protecting the skin from harmful elements.

  1. Cate Blanchett and her way of de-stress: Cate blindly believes that having less stress is the key to healthy and better skin. She likes to de-stress herself whenever she can be by taking a massage. Stress can have a heavy impact on the body, leading to early skin aging. As stress can provoke skin conditions, take time to indulge in even a wee bit of self-care by taking a relaxing spa or even just a soothing bath. It can help your skin stay soft and smooth.
  1. Emma Stone’s beautiful skin: You could never know by looking at her if she wouldn’t have said it by herself. Emma Stone has super sensitive skin & she has her reasonable time of searching for beauty products that would suit her skin. She uses grapeseed oil instead of a moisturizer to keep her skin healthy and moisture-laden and look best on and off-screen.
  1. Jessica Alba’s long curly lashes: Jessica Alba never walks out of the house without curling her lashes and believes this is her secret to reviving dull eyes.

BnF Blog’s Pro Tip: Before using your eye-lash curler, hold your curler under a blow dryer for just a few seconds to heat the curling pads. It will give your lashes an even bigger eye. Additionally, you can use falsies to oomph up your eyes some more.

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