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5 Ways to Properly Blend Foundation
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5 Ways to Properly Blend Foundation

Just as the name suggests, foundation is going to be the base for all other makeup in your cosmetic routine. Therefore, it is important that you start your makeup regimen with an expertly applied base. When applied properly, foundation can successfully even out discoloration or uneven skin tones, minimize pores, and smooth and refine the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines. If foundation is not applied properly, it can appear cakey or unsightly and can even draw attention to the imperfections you are trying to cover. Making your foundation appear natural is easy to do once you learn the proper technique. A combination of the right product, tools and application methods will have you applying your foundation flawlessly in no time.

Using the Correct Amount of Coverage

The first thing you will need to do to ensure that your foundation blends into your skin properly is selecting the right amount of coverage. It stands to reason that fuller coverage foundations can be harder to blend then their lighter coverage counterparts. That is one of the reasons that you should be using the lightest amount of coverage possible while still being able to conceal your imperfections. If you are someone who just wants to even out your skin tone, then a light to sheer coverage foundation or a tinted moisturizer will be a great option for you. These types of foundations are easy to apply in a way that isn’t noticeable and will blend easily into your skin.

If you have excessive redness or breakouts that you want to conceal, then you will want to go for a fuller coverage foundation. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a lighter coverage option will be easier for you to apply. It is easy to assume that a lighter coverage will look more natural no matter what, but those with excessive problem areas will find that they are using more product to achieve the coverage they desire. This makes it harder to blend the foundation, leaving the product more visible and cakier on the skin. You will find that a smaller amount of a heavier coverage foundation will be far easier to blend and will have a more natural appearance.

Purchasing the Correct Shade

Another important step you need to take to make sure your foundation blends properly is purchasing the correct shade. You can do everything right when it comes to applying and blending out your foundation, but an incorrect shade will never fully blend into your skin. You can avoid purchasing the wrong foundation color by trying out the product first in stores. Test the product out along your jawline rather than your hand for the most accurate color comparison. It is important to do this on clean skin with no other makeup present. Wait until the foundation dries before determining whether it is a match. If you are having trouble, or if you are in between shades, ask someone who works there for a second opinion.

The Best Tool for Application

Let’s get into the actual application of the makeup. There are many different tools that you can use to apply your foundation. It is always going to be better to apply your foundation with a sponge or brush then with your fingers. Using your fingers to apply foundation will not only transfer more bacteria to your skin, but it can also leave you with streaking or uneven looking makeup. Beauty blenders are a popular option for applying foundation but can absorb more of the product then a brush would. However, a damp sponge is still a great tool for blending out your foundation. Our personal favorite option for applying foundation is a flat top foundation brush. A flat top brush will help you blend your foundation with ease for a natural, air-brushed look.

Preparing Your Skin

Make sure that you are applying makeup to clean and moisturized skin. Trying to blend foundation evenly on skin that has bits of yesterday’s makeup, or any dry flaky patches can be even more of a challenge. Make sure you have washed, exfoliated, and moisturized before you begin the application of any makeup. 

The Application Method

Once you have your tool in hand, you can begin by dabbing a small amount of foundation on your flat top brush. Start by lightly distributing the product to each area of the face. You should concentrate most of the product toward the center of your face at the start and blend it outward towards your jaw and hairlines. You should feel as if you are ‘painting’ the foundation on. Use a light circular motion to ensure even distribution of the product. Then once you have the foundation applied on your entire face, you can go back with your brush if you need to thin out any areas where too much product was applied. Follow up with a setting powder or spray and you’re good to go! Follow these steps and your foundation will always be flawlessly blended, giving you that naturally beautiful look!

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