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Upgrade Your Spring Style

Spring can seem like a strange month, the transition from the cold weather of winter into the warmer months can make picking your outfits tricky. Use this transition as an opportunity to update your look and try something new. Leaving Winter behind and embracing summer can add some much-needed warmth, not only to your outfit but your life as well. Check out the rest of this article for our top 5 tips to boost your spring style.

Summer Shoes

It may seem a little early for ‘summer’ shoes but light coloured shoes can add a splash of light to what can be a dull season. Lightly-coloured minimalist trainers and a stylish pair of espadrilles are must-haves for the summer. The trainers make a versatile addition to your collection and will look good in warm weather and any milder weather. Minimalist trainers are perfect for finishing off any look, whether that’s a stylish suit or casual shorts.

Wear Light-coloured Clothing

After a long winter, spring can seem to drag. The nights are still dark and cool and we have to wait for days to be longer. If the sun isn’t out, then bring it with you. In addition to keeping you cool and feeling fresh throughout the day, light-coloured clothing is perfect for bringing those summer vibes early. Unlike dark shades, lighter colours reflect the sun’s rays, helping you to beat any spring heat we may have and do it in style. Think of yellow, light beige, pink and other bright colours. Dresses, button-down shirts, loose t-shirts and shorts. Whatever outfit you choose it is important to pick light colours and comfortable clothing. Pair these looks with a stylish jacket to beat the cold and be ready whatever the weather.


Sunglasses will not only protect your eyes from rain, debris and most importantly, the sun’s harsh rays, but they’re also great for completing an outfit. If you already wear glasses, take a look at picking up some prescription sunglasses as well. This will help to prevent any further damage to your vision by not wearing your glasses when you are out and about. Not only will your eyes and face be protected but you’ll have a stylish boost to your outfit. Whether you go for classic aviators or contemporary round frames, you’re sure to find a stylish pair of sunglasses to suit your look.

Have Faith in Dresses

Dresses can be a gamble. The British weather is unpredictable and things can change quickly, so it may seem odd to have dresses on our list but hear us out. Floral dresses are a great way to match the changing seasons and the blooming flowers around them. Depending on where you live and the kind of springs you have, dresses can be worn with bare legs or worn with opaque tights on cooler days. In the late spring and summer, a comfortable summer dress can be a perfect option for when you’re not quite sure what to wear. Dresses with light colours and floral patterns make perfect summer wear and will help keep you cool in the heat. Summer dresses, rompers and skirts are versatile pieces of clothing that go well with a variety of footwear, especially lighter minimal trainers as mentioned earlier.

Prints and Patterns

In Spring, nature is in full flow. Flowers are in bloom and colours are starting to return, so why not embrace that? Adding stylish patterns and floral prints to dress and button-down shirts can make them the perfect fashion piece in the summer weather. Pattened tops go great with lighter neutral tone bottoms and shorts, to ensure the top is the centre of your outfit. Floral and patterned outfits are excellent choices for both stylish, fun, and elegant looks.

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