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Tips to Buying Hair Straightener: Perfect Styling

If you haven’t bought a straightening iron all by yourself before, you may not be aware of the technicalities one has to keep in mind. Purchasing one isn’t as simple a task that you’d expect it to be. A person’s hair and it’s health is an incredibly important subject that many are quite sensitive about. You have to be certain that you get one that suits your hair type and doesn’t damage it. The right hair wand will make you feel confident and beautiful about your locks. You don’t ever have to quibble over the way you look, because you’ll always look your best!

Consideration Of Hair Type:

Your hair texture and volume has a huge impact on the methods with which you’re ought to handle it. If you have wild, unruly curls then you’ll need a straightening iron with wider plates to be able to efficiently tame them. If you use one with narrow plates on thick, curly hair then the end-result of straightening them won’t be smooth and sleek locks. However, if you have thinner, wavier hair then an iron with narrow plates will readily straighten your locks for you.

Consideration Of Temperature Settings:

Contrary to popular belief, the ability of a straightening iron to do its job isn’t contingent on its hotness. While it’s required for it to be hot to a certain extent to work, it definitely isn’t the defining factor. In fact, if they’re set at extremely hot temperatures, they are immensely damaging to your hair. Not only does it ruin the texture of your hair, but it could also trigger hair fall. Therefore, you shouldn’t be fooled by expensive ones with a hundred fancy temperature settings because they don’t guarantee a good straightener and will do more harm than good.

Never Underestimate The Plates: 

There’s a vast variety of them present in the hair product industry. All of them come in different shapes, sizes and colours. However, the plates of a straightening iron are its most defining and essential characteristic. Some have ceramic coated plates, some have tourmaline plates and some have titanium plates. The ones with ceramic coated plates aren’t the most preferable option to go for because they can’t readily disperse the heat and get hot very quickly. This leads to them burning your locks or damaging them for the long-term. You have to make sure to stay away from the ones with ceramic coated plates. The wands with titanium plates are the finest option to go for because they can equally disperse the heat amongst themselves and ultimately, get hot gradually and not too fast. These irons are the best for straight hair that’s smooth and sleek in texture. They’re also easy to use because you’re less likely to burn yourself while handling them.

Keep Your Needs In Mind:

There are many different types of straightening irons available. Some of them are small and easy to handle, while others are large and bulky. Some of them have long wires and cords that need to be plugged in, while others are cordless and easily portable. The kind that will be best for you is a subjective decision because it depends upon your needs. If you like to travel a lot or if you’re soon going to move into a dorm, a small easy-to-use hair iron would be the best for you. Although, if you’re a professional salon worker, you’ll need a heavy one with cords that have all the fancy settings. The kind you should use all depends upon the volume of your hair. Thinner locks can be taken care of with smaller ones but thick, voluminous hair needs a good old heavy wand with cords.


In conclusion, you need to take into consideration all the present factors for purchasing a hair straightener that fulfills all your needs. Go to LINK AVAILABLE for a comprehensive guide that addresses all your questions regarding hair straighteners.

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