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Thinking Beyond Water for Healthier, Happier Skin

Healthier Happier Skin

If you’re trying to give yourself a beauty boost and do what’s best for your health, then cutting back on sugary, acidic, and caffeine-packed beverages is one easy way to boost your self-confidence and support your body. But no one wants to drink just water day-in, day-out, even when you know it’s good for you! Luckily, there’s plenty of tasty, versatile drinks that will help you get the clear skin of your dreams.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is having its time in the sun- and for good reason. This electrolyte-packed, ultra-natural drink is excellent for hydration and provides healthy potassium and sodium. With a light, slightly floral coconut taste, it’s rich in Vitamin C and reputed to help clear acne, ward off aging, and keep skin firm and glowing from within.

Green Tea

While green tea isn’t caffeine-free, it packs a whole nutritional punch that standard caffeine beverages don’t. The real magic ingredient is a class of antioxidants known as EGCG, which helps ward off UV damage and encourage collagen growth in the skin. Additionally, it’s packed with Vitamin B12 and Vitamin E, and a great way to hydrate yourself without the water feeling like a chore. Do drink this one early in the day to avoid any late-night wakefulness.

Unsweetened Ice Tea and Herbal Teas

There’s a whole wild world of taste awaiting you if you look at herbal teas. If you’re not in the mood for something hot, you can always make a refreshingly crisp Iced Tea from them, too. Plus, plain old black tea is rich in antioxidants and L-Theanine, and can have some health-boosting properties too. The secret is to flavor it with a splash of fruit juice for taste, rather than packing in the sugar and milk.

Cucumber and Tomato Juice

Those in the beauty and health family know that fruit juices, while packed with healthy vitamins and minerals, can also be too much sugar for the body to handle. If you’re looking for an alternative that’s as jam-packed with nutrition, but with far lower natural sugar levels, try cucumber or tomato juice on for size.

Cucumbers are excellent for hydration, being 98% water themselves. A glass of cucumber juice has tons of pollution-beating antioxidants, trace minerals, and vitamins to offer, making it a delectable choice for better skin health.

Tomatoes are not only surprisingly rich in iron, but they have a specific antioxidant, lycopene, that works wonders for skin health. They can also help reduce tanning and even the pigmentation of the skin. It’s also been linked to acne reduction through reducing sebum output, avoiding the dreaded ‘midday shine’. Plus, of course, tons of Vitamin C.

Reinventing Water

Water, and plenty of it, is still one of the best gifts you can give your skin and body. When we’re properly hydrated, we feel fresher, our brain can perform optimally, and our organs and connective tissues have everything they need to work at their best. Plus we can maintain optimal blood pressure levels and better circulation.

If you’re looking to boost your overall hydration levels, carrying a bottle of water with you is one of the best ways to get into the habit of drinking more. But even with the best intentions, you can get sick of the taste. To stop you from tiring out your tastebuds, why not add a sizzling combination to your water?

Lemon juice is a classic. Rich in Vitamin C, it can help ward off the damage from free radicals, and has been tied to better skin health. It also brings some potassium to the table.

But there’s plenty more you can try? Do any of these titillate your taste buds?

  • Fresh fruit pieces, especially berries and apples
  • Rosemary for a herbaceous, tart taste
  • Lavender for an unusual, somewhat astringent taste that’s clean and refreshing

There’s plenty more to try, so don’t be shy to experiment!

Putting the ‘Health’ in Health Drinks

If you prefer a spicier taste that delivers a healthier punch, there’s a ton of great health drinks you can try. Not every drink that says it is healthy really is, however! Remember that ‘greenwashing’ has become something of a trend, so choose your brands carefully.

Look for drinks that are free of added sugar and with no caffeine. Make sure to read the label, so you know what you’re putting into your body. The healthy energy drink, Moment, for example, includes stress-busting L-Theanine and Ashwagandha in a range packed with sizzling flavors like blueberry and ginger. This can be a great alternative to vitamin supplements to boost skin health, too, or for those who don’t like to take pills.

There’s plenty of alternatives to sugary, caffeine-packed drinks out there, so don’t get stuck on the idea that healthy drinks have to be dull and boring. There’s plenty of ways to invigorate your diet and tantalize your taste buds with delicious drinks that are great for the health of your skin, too. Skin that glows from within has never been easier to have.

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