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A T-Shirt can come either as a long or short-sleeved casual top and is generally made of fabric or cotton, T-shirts make the shape of a T when spread out flat.

T-shirts also come as collarless sleeved or sleeveless, and they can either be short or long, it can be worn as an undershirt with an outer shirt of similar design.

A T-shirt is a shirt made of either cotton or fabric, and the T shape of the shirt gave it the name t-shirt. This portrays and sleeves personality.

Most T-shirts usually are staples that can be found in every wardrobe probably, because of the versatility and simplicity and the fact at t-shirts suit perfectly with any style or mode of dressing.

T-shirts can be used as a blank canvas for artwork, which differentiates it from other types of clothing, and which means the styles for t-shirt design are limitless.

However, t-shirts look dull without design, therefore;

What is a T-Shirt Design?

A t-shirt design is a creative method used to add a unique, different, personal, and creative touch to a custom t-shirt.

When designing a t-shirt there are many options for designs on t-shirts to choose from, which include words, art designs, pictures, or even logos or slogans which stand for something,  sends a message to the public, and might even create awareness.

additionally, customized T-shirts designs are made for bands, businesses, schools, universities, and more. A uniquely designed T-shirt can make a huge difference and send a message.

Whatever message your t-shirt might be sending or giving out,

you’ll need a design that matches what you want to convey to the public and be noticed moreover being heard.

T-shirts apart from keeping us warm, from harsh conditions and also covers our nakedness, good clothing when worn helps boost our self-confidence and self-image especially when it suits up your style.

This design is not just important to the potential consumer but also to the employees, who work with the brand on a daily basis to see it grow.

T-shirts remain classic yet simple, and adaptable clothes are widely recognized as a staple or staple and closet item. The vestige of a T-Shirt begins in cloth fields which can always be found in India or the United States.

T-shirts basically are mostly made from cotton and can also be seen in a polyester or cotton-polyester form.

Fabrics used in making a t-shirt may vary,  depending on the designer’s choice of material and budget, however, the elastic spun materials, which are moderately less expensive and are great for heat applications and screen printing, are generally used.

Before a T-shirt is placed for sale by a wholesaler or retail traders, it also goes through several methods of processing, including the process of production, producing a T-shirt is quite easy and is a largely automated process.

Specially built machines are used to cut, gather, and sew most part of t-shirt production.

The most used stitches for T-shirts are basically thin, and it is a superimposed type of stitch, which is made when one piece of fabric is placed onto another and the stitch edges are lined up.

These seams are stitched with an over the edge seam frequently, which may need just one needle thread from the top and two looper threads just directly below the fabric.

Tips for making an awesome T-shirt design.

T-shirt designs are easy to make as long as you know what you’re doing. We hope this guide on how to design a t-shirt helps you with everything you need to break into the world of making t-shirts.

  • First of all, get yourself a good printer and then understand why you need a shirt because knowing why you need a shirt no matter your reason for that will definitely involve some sort of branding.

However, if you are using the t-shirt for either promotional or personal purposes, then choosing the perfect design should be your primary purpose.

You need to Know all the printing options required and then perform the screen printing, followed by graphics, and then you go straight to the garment and then if you can brainstorm your design concept on the T-shirt types.

  • Next, you’d choose the appropriate style and imagery, then choose a topography, and the color follows behind.

To get the most effective decoration follow the above steps to the latter.

  • Another t-shirt design done at Rare custom designs is the tie-dye design which originated in Japan, Jamaica, India, and in parts of the African continent during the 6th century.

Bandhani is one of the oldest kinds of tie-die and was used in Indian tradition and culture.

Therefore, when making t-shirt designs you need to choose the best set of professionals, who will give your t-shirt the perfect designs.

Rare custom is known for designing T-shirts in a professional and unique manner. Rare custom has printed t-shirts are a unique way to add a personal touch to the client’s wardrobe.

Do you have a particular t-shirt design in mind? just send it to and we will have your dream shirt ready for you.

Rare custom is different from other shirt design platforms because rare custom assures fast delivery, limitless shirt design capacity, and outstanding quality.

Fast delivery

At we offer fast delivery of clothes, you will barely notice a difference in the order processing between our services and other regular clothing stores. With our website, we ensure you that your designed t-shirts will arrive on time.

The website provides a limitless shirt design capacity

At rarecustom, even if you don’t have any particular design in mind, our flexible custom shirt maker and the numerous library of illustrations, lots of icons, layouts, and photos will help you make a perfect shirt within minutes.

Excellent Quality. 

At  rarecustom we select the best fabrics available at competitive prices for personalized T-shirts.

Rare custom is the best website for t-shirt designs, providing its clients with amazing results.

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