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Strapless Bras – Best Bra for Your Special Occasion

Bras, undoubtedly, are an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. It enhances the look of your dresses, which, in turn, brings out your confidence. Some clothing items are tricky to carry when you don’t have the right bra underneath. When you wear an off-shoulder dress or top, you surely don’t want your bra strap to show up and stand oddly out.

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Well, strapless bras got you covered. Particularly on special occasions when you want to look your very best or even in everyday life, a strapless bra is a must-have. They are outstanding in their functionality and versatility. They will not disappoint in your hour of need.

What’s A Strapless Bra? 

Strapless Bra
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A strapless bra is a bra that may come without straps or with the detachable strap option. It features a silicone lining on the edges of the cups that aids in maintaining the bra in place while wearing bra it. Some strapless bras also have molded cups and underwires to keep the breasts in place and support them. The neckline of a strapless bra is not fixed, which means you can get several types of neckline variants like plunge, balconette, bandeau, and many more in a strapless bra. 

Features That Makes A Strapless Bra A Best Choice 

Silicone On Cups’s Edge For Grip:

This is a crucial feature in a strapless bra. The silicon lining over the edges of a strapless bra sticks to your skin and holds the bra in its place. 

Accurate Cup Size:

For a strapless bra to fit you perfectly, you need to pay attention to getting your accurate cup size. The right size must cover your bust fully and there should be no spillage. Take your good time with measuring your breasts and ensuring your right size.

Removable Straps
Image Source: H&M

Removable Straps:

This feature is what makes a strapless bra versatile for use with everyday wear and not just on special occasions. The option of removable straps enables you the choice to use them according to the requirements of your outfits. You can make it racer-back, one shoulder, both shoulders, and in many more such ways.

Wide Backside Band
Image Source: Jockey

Wide Backside Band:

A wide backside band bestows extra support in holding up your boobs, as a strapless bra is worn without straps. It makes sure that your breasts do not look saggy and helps to keep them lifted.  

Boning That Does Not Poke:

This is an important factor that can widely change your experience of wearing a strapless bra. Strapless bras usually have underwire and boning to uphold and support your breast. Boning is also responsible for maintaining the bra shape. But it can get uncomfortable very quickly if they are poking you.  Thus, getting a good-quality strapless bra, in which the underwires are encased carefully, is an indispensable thing. 

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How A Strapless Bra Should Fit.

A strapless bra should fit snugly, covering your breasts and holding them in place. If your bra feels uncomfortable, it is either because it’s the wrong size or you got the cup size wrong. A strapless bra should fit you comfortably like your regular bra when it’s your true size. It may happen that your usual size, in the version of a strapless bra, fits a little tight. This is because strapless bras are meant to be that way so that they can make your breasts look perky. 

What Makes A Strapless Bra Fit For Your Special Occasion

Strapless bras are a great option to wear with outfits on your special occasion. At weddings, Indian outfits can be tricky to maintain gracefully because of the intricate blouse patterns. You won’t want your bra to ruin your special look. That’s when your strapless bra comes to the rescue and saves you the hassle.

Although many women won’t choose a strapless bra as their go-to lingerie for every day, it can be worn regularly. When you love to wear strappy, tube, or off-shoulder tops and dresses regularly, a strapless bra becomes your regular bra. Just keep in mind to get a decent quality one so that you feel happy in it.

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