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How to Wear Oversized T Shirts: 7 Fashion Rules to Live By

Losing weight can come as a welcome achievement or a baffling surprise. No matter why you lost weight or whether you wanted to, the realization is followed soon after by a dreaded reevaluation of your wardrobe.

Learning that your favorite shirts no longer fit is an unhappy surprise. Bringing them to the secondhand store may feel like you’re saying goodbye forever to some of your best friends.

The good news is that learning how to wear oversized t-shirts means you don’t have to put up with this emotional ordeal. Your old clothes aren’t “too big to wear” if you change up your styling practices.

Take a gander at this quick list of tips on how to style oversized t-shirt looks.

1.Make Your Favorite Shirt a Favorite Dress

If you have a shirt that’s a lot too big, you can wear it as a dress. Fitted shirts are best for this, as they show off your form. It’s not always a horrible look, but oversized unfitted shirts can make your silhouette look a little bit like you’re wearing a sack.

Yet, all it takes to make most shirts with even the worst sack-resemblance problems look great as dresses are the right belts.

There’s an art to pairing any great dress with the right shoes and accessories, but shirts as dresses pose a new and exciting challenge for talented stylists who haven’t attempted this look.

Heels are a dramatic contrast to a T shirt’s casual impression. You could also try high boots that play with the eye’s sense of proportion. On the other hand, sandals or sneakers are a natural pair for a relaxed garment.

2.Pair Oversized Tees With Leggings

An oversized t-shirt as a super short dress is sexy and chic, but many shirts fall at an awkward length. They’re too long to look quite right with shorts or pants, but too short for a comfortable dress.

Instead of skipping pants altogether, try pairing an oversized tee with leggings as a compromise. Baggy shirts are the best t-shirts to wear with leggings because they are an attractive contrast to the skin-tight bottoms.

You already have endless possible combinations at your fingertips if you’re a leggings-lover, as so many of us are.

3.Go for a Sporty Oversized Tee Look With Athletic Shorts

Workout shorts with liner are great to fix for shirts a bit too long to be “shirt-shirts,” and a bit too short to be dresses worn without pants.

If leggings don’t feel like the way to go, consider a pair of baggy athletic shorts. This casual, sporty look done with the right clothes is as good for a stroll through the fashion mall as it is for a game of basketball.

4.How to Wear Oversized T-shirts in Cold Weather

 Unless you’re a very short person with a way, way, too big shirt, the idea of wearing a t-shirt with no pants in cold weather isn’t appealing. But that doesn’t mean that oversized t-shirts aren’t winter wear.

You can get away with a t-shirt dress in the cold if you pair it with a long, open cardigan. The two loose, flowy shirt-like pieces pair well together in both form and function. Unlike stiffer coats, the soft sweaters look natural with the shirt-dresses and don’t make it seem like you’re missing pants or anything else.

5.Make a No-Cut Crop Top

Shirts with designs only on the chest or upper back like t-shirts you can buy from are great contenders for crop tops. You can pair a crop top or a newly-fitted shirt with shorts in summertime, or with pants and a jacket in winter for an edgier look.

Yet, it’s understandable that you might not want to cut into a favorite shirt. It’s hard to make that irreversable move with a top you love for sentimental reasons. Cutting a shirt into a crop top also limits when and where you can wear it from that point on.

If you want to try wearing a shirt as a crop top before you cut it, or would rather not break the scissors out at all, great news: It’s super easy to make a stylish crop top without cutting any fabric at all. All you need to do is bunch the fabric up and tie a knot.

If the shirt is big enough, you can tie it on itself. If it’s too small to do that, don’t worry because all you need to solve the problem is a hair tie or rubber band. You could even use string to secure the shirt where you want it.

Plus, if you aren’t huge on crop tops, you might find the same methods let you turn your oversized shirt into a shirt that fits well again.

6.Tuck Your Shirt in for a Tight-Fitting Top

If you like the idea of a cropped shirt but don’t want to cut or tie your oversized tee, try tucking the shirt in. You might associate tucked-in tops with formal wear and button-downs, but a tucked-in tee is as cute and casual as any other t-shirt.

High-waisted pants and a belt are the obvious choice but consider also that tops tucked into skirts and shorts make for a peppy, youthful look.

This style gives you a crop top look without altering your tee forever. It also avoids the bulk of a knot or “tail” in the back of a tied-off shirt.

7.Get a Jumpsuit Look With Matching Shorts

Another oversized t-shirt look that tricks the eye is combining a plain-colored or patterned shirt with shorts of the same color.

If they’re perfect matches, the break in the middle will be disguised and give you a jumpsuit-type look. A belt will do the trick if you want to hide the split between your shirt and shorts even more.

Impress at Home and on the Go With Hot Fashion Tips

Now that you know how to wear oversized t-shirts, you can save yourself the heartache of parting ways with your favorite tops.

Fashion changed a lot since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We aren’t going out as much as we used to, and at-home fashion takes new skills.

For more information on all the latest, hottest fashion trends and tips, take a click around the site. We have everything you need to look your best staying in and going out.

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