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Easy Ways to Add Pops of Personality to Your Wardrobe

The best outfits are those that are a perfect reflection of your personality—you feel confident, comfortable, and free to be your natural self in them. With so many new fashion trends popping up every other day, it‘s not easy staying true to your personality, which is why it‘s crucial to find simple ways to add your personality to your wardrobe. On that note, here are easy ways to add pops of your personality to your wardrobe while staying stylish.

Accessorize your outfit.

The power of accessories can never be over-flogged. It’s that phenomenal. Simple accessories like jewelry, shoes, and sunglasses can jazz up even the most basic outfits and make you look more put together. Even better, you don’t need a lot of them to show off your personality.

A few go-to pieces like a dainty bracelet, brooch, pearl necklace, or silver sterling necklace are enough to add personality to your wardrobe. For instance, you can opt for chunky jewels if you’re the bold type, but you‘ll do better with delicate or dainty jewelry if you prefer a minimalistic look.

If you feel like your jewelry collection is getting a bit old-fashioned, why not sell those jewelry pieces to a local shop and treat yourself to a nice new pair of earrings or a fancy necklace?

Tailor your clothes.

Do you have a wardrobe full of ‘so-so’ clothes? by this we mean items that don’t fit perfectly but you can’t seem to let them go? If yes, then it’s time to get a good tailor and make them your new best friend. A good tailor can help you transform your ill-fitted clothes into fitting outfits that look custom-made.

For instance, if you struggle with finding jeans that perfectly fit your waist and hip, with a good tailor, you no longer have to compromise one for the other. You can get a tailor to adjust the waist to fit you perfectly. You can also switch your favorite blazer’s buttons for new vintage ones to give it a unique and fresh look.

Find your signature color palette.

Having a signature color palette is a great way to add pops to your wardrobe as it makes it easy to mix and match outfits. This helps you create more outfit options, which ultimately saves you money. Furthermore, a signature palette allows you to build a versatile and cohesive wardrobe that flatters your skin tone and matches your personality.

For instance, in Scandal, Olivia Pope’s signature color was white, while Elle Woods in Legally Blonde was known for her pink ensembles. To choose your signature color, think of the colors that look best on you and make you feel great. You see, colors have a unique way of influencing our mood and how people perceive us, so this should be an essential criterion for your signature palette.

Consider wearing vintage clothes.

If you think about it, most trends we see today are a spin-off of past styles, and that’s because many famous fashion houses look to the past for inspiration. So, if you feel you have an old soul, and a longing to try a different style from what’s popular, (or you just love the idea of conveying personal history through clothing), then perhaps, you should consider vintage.

Visit the closest vintage fair or charity shop in your neighborhood, and you‘ll most likely find a variety of fashion pieces that can add charm to your outfits. Alternatively, you can raid your grandmother, mother, or stylish aunt’s wardrobe for unique vintage pieces that you would probably never find elsewhere.

Browse online for inspiration.

When looking for ways to add personality to your wardrobe, it’s always a good idea to browse for inspiration online. For instance, think of a celebrity with an admirable style that shares a similar personality with you and try emulating some of their looks.

You see, the people you idolize say a lot about you, which means you’re likely to find their styles appealing. You don’t have to emulate their style to the “T“ so feel free to use their style as your framework while you make twitches to match your taste.

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