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Laser Hair Removal at Home: A Comprehensive Guide

“I love getting hot wax on my skin,” said no woman ever! If you too are guilty of searching for easy hair removal solutions at home, you must have found laser hair removal treatment at the top of search engine pages. The market is flooded with laser hair removal devices that can help you get rid of body hair. However, have you ever thought about the effectiveness of these laser devices?

Here is a complete guide that answers all your questions related to at-home laser hair removal treatment. It talks about what is an at-home laser hair removal treatment and why you should not try laser hair removal at home.

What is an at-home laser hair removal treatment?

Although there is no particular reason as to why some people get excessive hair on their body, dermatologists often point to not exercising and eating junk food that leads to hormonal imbalance in our bodies. These imbalances can often trigger excessive hair growth.

Have you tried using a razor to get rid of your excessive hair growth? Do you know that it can leave your skin with small cuts and bumps. So what should you do?  These days, the markets are also flooded with easy to use, at-home laser hair removal devices. These hassle-free devices are often seen to be promoted by influencers on social media. If you too have been tempted to try a laser hair removal device, let us break down how these devices work for you.

These easy to use and pocket-friendly devices use laser light to target the melanin present in your skin. These devices weaken the hair follicles and stop hair from growing in the targeted area for some time. However, hair grows back again after a few weeks, requiring you to use the device again.

Why should you avoid using an at-home laser device?

  • They are Not as Effective

When compared to a professional laser hair removal treatment conducted in the presence of dermatologists, at-home laser hair removal kits are not as effective. Laser devices are underpowered and do not deliver long-lasting results.

  • They Can Cause Damage to Your Skin-

When you opt for laser hair removal at home, it can damage your skin if there is a difference in your hair and your skin pigment. There is also a risk of hyperpigmentation if you don’t use the laser device correctly. Therefore, it’s important to get these treatments only in the supervision of professionals.

Why should you opt for a better solution?

While there are a gazillion at-home hair removal solutions available on the internet, you should not follow them blindly. These hacks can cause an adverse reaction to your skin. Therefore, you should always consult a well-trained dermatologist before you use anything on your skin.

Instead of falling into the trap of using a laser hair removal device at home, you should opt for getting a laser hair removal procedure at a studio. There are many excellent skincare brands like skinnsi that use the best laser technology to permanently remove your hair. Apart from providing laser hair removal treatments at their clinic, they also offer laser hair removal at home.

In the at-home laser hair removal treatment, you get to enjoy the laser service in the comfort of your home. Here is a breakdown of the steps that you need to follow to book an at-home laser hair removal treatment session-

  1. Visit their official website, upload pictures of your face (left, right and central angle), and book a slot.
  2. A well-trained dermatologist will look at your pictures. They will study your skin and offer you a customised plan.
  3. After this, a professional from the brand will visit your home and carry out the laser hair removal treatment.

To know more about their services and packages, visit their website today!

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