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Why keyrings are becoming fashionable

Keyrings – once deemed a  cliché souvenir  to bring back from holiday, are now a total fashion statement in their own right. Who would have thought, right? We all know that it’s the smallest details that can elevate an outfit – and whether you attach men’s designer keyrings to your belt loops or your crossbody bag, they will help add a touch of luxe to your  ensembles. With many designer labels bringing out their own keyrings, you have your own way to make a statement. Whether you’re into something vivid or something  if understated elegance is more your thing, every keychain will allow you to express your personality.

Say goodbye to those tacky neon keyrings you get on holiday,  embrace the chic with this accessory.  The status of the keyrings has elevated to one of luxury for sure.  Here are the different ways you can style them…

With tailored trousers

Keychains can be worn with tailored trousers to add texture and edge to your dressier looks. The key is to tuck your t-shirt or shirt into the front of the trousers, to show off your belt loop and  statement keyring. For this look, opt for something oversized –  garment that will really stand out against your formal trousers. This will help to give a modern update to your wardrobe and rejuvenate some of your dressier clothing.

We recommend a keyring with a big clip, with a slogan, or in a bright colour that will help you make an entrance. Your outfit will look luxe in a flash – no need to thank us!

With denim jeans

Remember in the 90s when all the boybands used to wear chains on their denim? Well, it’s time to bring that back – but make it more modern and less cringy. We recommend using a chain keyring to attach to two belt loops on the side to bring back the 90s in a cool way. This style also works on formal trousers, but  will also complement the silver hardware on your jeans.

On your bag

Bags aren’t just for the ladies anymore – anyone can rock a crossbody bag. For one, it keeps your belongings secure and in style. Once created for safe storage, it’s now a also a must-have fashion accessory. A keychain on your crossbody bag will help you express your style identity through your accessories. A crossbody bag can help modernize tailoring, all the while looking on-point and polished. Crossbody bags can also be worn as bum bags for a sportswear-inspired look, or as leather crossbody bags for classic styling.

On your keys or wallet

Needless to say, keychains are ideal for clipping onto your keys. Of course, keyrings are practical as they allow you to find your keys in your messy bag, but with designer brands churning out all sorts of keyrings, they also allow you to combine practicality and style. If you’re looking into your first designer purchase, then a keyring will be the perfect piece to start off with,  the precursor to an entire world of accessories.

You can also clip your keychain onto your wallet to spice up your everyday essentials. It’s a straightforward tip that will elevate your bag, and help you show off your latest designer purchase.

On your jewellery

Last year, Pandora launched a new way to wear your charms, creating keychains to attach them to your bracelets. We love this look, and want to replicate this through any of our looks. If you feel that your bracelets or necklaces are looking a little bare, adding a statement keyring to your jewellery will give it a new lease of life. This way, you’re creating unique jewellery that no one else will have, and you will rightfully earn the title of a trendsetter.

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