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How to Wear Skull Rings with Every Outfit

Do you love a good skull motif? Do you have a favorite skull ring you want to wear every day? Are you worried that your new skull ring doesn’t quite go with your wardrobe?

Well, you’re in luck. There are a ton of ways to accessorize with a skull ring that won’t make you look like you joined the Warped Tour.

Let’s go through how to incorporate skull rings into absolutely every outfit.

Pick the Right Ring for You

First, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve chosen the right skull rings for you. They come in many different varieties, after all. Let’s go through some of the different factors you may want to consider when choosing a skull ring:

  • The metal or the material of the ring
  • The size of the ring
  • Pattern or design
  • Whether or not to have jewels, and the colors included
  • Stackable rings
  • Which finger (or toe) you plan to wear your skull ring on

Depending on what options you choose, you’ll be making a completely different decision on how to style yourself.

Color Coordinating With Your Skull Ring

Next, you’ll want to think about what colors you’ll want to wear. If you don’t mind looking a little dark, you can always go for the all-black look. But, if you’re looking to lighten it up a bit, there are some other options out there for you.

If your skull ring does have jewels on it, you’ll want to take those colors into consideration. You’ll also want to make sure the colors you’re wearing suit the color of your skull ring.

Here are some color combinations that you may want to try out:

  • Gold and black
  • Gold and green
  • Gold and red
  • Silver and blue
  • Silver and dark green
  • Silver and burgundy
  • Rose gold and white
  • Rose gold and navy
  • Rose gold and beige
  • Rose gold and black

Of course, if you want to be creative, disregard all of this. Fashion doesn’t actually have any rules, as long as you look great!

Don’t Be Overly Matchy

Unless you’re looking to go full goth, you’ll likely want your skull ring to be the only skull in your outfit. That way, it’s a focal point, rather than a full-body fashion statement.

While you’re at it, you don’t need to match all of your other jewelry to your skull ring. You should probably stick to the same type of metal (unless, of course, you’re already a style icon) but other than that, the world’s your oyster!

Layer your hands with lots of other chunky rings, or add a delicate necklace for contrast. Add jewelry made of different materials, like plastic, wood, stone, shell, seeds, or acetate.

Wear pearl earrings and/or a pearl necklace for a shockingly sweet combination with your ring. Or, go with some amethyst jewelry for a perfectly cromulent mix.

Make sure you’re considering your outfit when you’re accessorizing with your skull ring. A skull ring is a pretty big statement, so you probably don’t want to be layering clashing patterns on top of it.

Stick with one patterned clothing items (or more if you’re using the same pattern) and keep the rest of your clothing solid colored. That way, your ring will be able to pop against your outfit.

If the pattern you’re wearing is particularly wild, it’s best to keep the rest of your jewelry simple, so as not to clash.

Stick With Your Style

Just because you’re rocking a skull ring doesn’t mean you have to go completely edgy with your look. If you feel uncomfortable in your outfit, you’ll look uncomfortable — and people will notice.

Instead, adapt your skull ring to fit your personal style, the clothing, and accessories that you enjoy.

Add your ring to your favorite sparkly ensemble, or wear it out with a pair of overalls. As long as you feel good, you’ll look good, so there are really no wrong answers.

Dress for the Day

No matter your lifestyle or style choices, just make sure that you’re dressing to suit the occasion that day.

You can dress up your skull ring to suit any number of occasions.

For example, a skull ring can go great with any number of sharp black pantsuits and white oxford shirts, bringing a touch of danger to any business meeting.

Or, you can pair your skull ring with a floaty sundress and leather sandals, to keep everyone guessing at the next music festival that you attend.

Watch Your Sleeves and Hands

Consider your sleeve length when choosing what shirt or dress to wear with your ring. Long sleeves, for one, are a great choice to show off your ring. Tank tops and spaghetti straps are also very elegant choices.

One option that is best left to the professionals out there are three quarter length sleeves. With bulky rings, these can cause the illusion that your fingers and forearms are larger or cut off. It depends on the shirt, though, so make sure you experiment for yourself!

A word of warning — if it’s especially cold out, and you need to wear gloves or mittens, it’s probably not a good idea to wear any sort of ring. The fabric could cause damage to the ring, or you could hurt yourself.

You’ll just have to hold off until it warms up a little!

Skull Rings Are the Perfect Accessory

Even if you’re not an emo or goth person, skull rings definitely have a permanent place in your wardrobe. So, make sure to experiment and figure out the combinations you like best!

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