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How Guys Can Look Stylish at the Beach and Pool This Summer

It’s official – summer is almost here! As the temperatures continue to climb, and the days are filled with sunshine, it’s time to start thinking about days spent at the beach and pool. While this is a great way to relax and cool off in the summer heat, it’s also a fabulous way to show off your fashion sense. For guys looking to be trendy and stylish at the beach and pool this summer, there are a number of items you’ll want to grab. Now is the time to get shopping before the beach season officially begins.

Designer Swim Shorts Are the Way to Go

When it comes to staple wardrobe items for the beach or pool, swim shorts are a must, but not just any swim shorts – designer ones. Guys can show off their luxury fashion sense by picking up a great pair of swim shorts from Burberry, which is known for its trendy and elegant designs. Because the Burberry print is so recognizable, it will be clear the moment you hit the pool or beach just how fashionable you are.

Protect Your Eyes with Trendy Sunglasses

Here’s an item that provides a functional use as well as a fashion use. Wearing sunglasses with the proper UV protection is a must for the well-being and health of your eyes, but that doesn’t mean you need to settle for any old glasses. Instead, choose a style that is not only trending, but also suits your lifestyle, your wardrobe, and your face shape. For guys that consider themselves sporty and active, the wraparound style of sunglasses is probably best, and for those guys who consider themselves more of a trendsetter, aviator frames or even round frames could be an excellent option.

Don’t Forget to Make a Statement with Footwear

Then there is your footwear. Likely you’ll want to skip on sneakers, as they aren’t exactly comfortable or practical when walking through the sand on the beach or poolside. Instead, it’s all about the summer sandals – with slides and flip flops being trendy for men in 2021. Be sure to look for a pair that sets a statement either with a bold print, texture, or color. You’ll also want to pick a material/fabric that won’t be ruined by water, and that dries quickly. Something lightweight will make them more comfortable on those super-hot days.

Keep the Sun in Check with a Hat

Even though sunglasses do a great job protecting your eyes from the sun, a hat should also be included in your beach/pool wear. Hats are no longer just about serving a purpose though; today they work to pull an outfit together and even set a fashion statement. Be sure to step outside the comfort zone of the classic baseball cap and try some different styles this summer.

So, as you stroll into the summer weather and head off to the beach or pool to cool down and enjoy a day with friends, these fashion tips will help ensure you look trendy at all times.

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