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7 Accessories that are going to trend this Fall-2020  

Hello, beauties! How are you doing? What?! .. you are sad..bored? Oh my!

We all know this pandemic has transformed our life into mayhem… But don’t worry anymore. Because it’s finally unlocked mode, and we are going to get back our life slowly but bravely. You have to believe me..yeah, b’cause it’s really happening! 

It’s time to bring back the color of your life. Okay, I know it’s nearly Fall, and we are kind of forgetting our statement styles or what you call ‘fashion’. But I am here to help you cheer up and enjoy your upcoming Fall season with a blast. 

Boring masks are our daily buddy now as they keep us safe. But let’s not stop smiling and believing in ourselves. The winter or the fall is the season for experimenting wildness inside you. Just don’t bruise your desire to experiment by wearing a pullover and a pair of jeans. Frozen desires, let them burn and charm up with the wooly, warm, stylish, and bright accessories. 

How can we stay away so long from fashion when the top trending Runways are here? Taking some ideas from different Fall Runways’2020, let’s begin our journey to explore the beauty of Wild Fall… 

  1. Wrap Up Yourself 

Both are storming in the fashion accessories field, from silk scarves to quirky bandanas in their style. While talking about styling, you can style it up in your way, whether tying it up as a face mask to give an elegant look or around your neck to amp up. Or you are tying up your third-day hair into a messy bun, tightening-up with a bandana. Whether it is models at Dior tying up scarves and bandanas into a sporty look or the satin clothing oomph of Zara’s. All show one thing in common; this is so in and going to stay for long. 

Check Zara’s New FAUX Leather Bandana, 35.90 USD.

DIOR Toile de Jouy Large Square Scarf, $900.0 

  1. Style It Up With A Scrunchy Bag 

Hair + scrunchies, a great combination, but bags? Yes, the newly made design, easy to carry your go-to necessities in one pocket. These are shoulder bags with straps that are scrunched are going to rage everywhere. But, while talking about cute scrunchies, why not make them a combination to give a 90’s cool look, whether it’s a bun or a ponytail.  

You can find this style in-

Nanushka’s Inda cotton-blend tote, $255.

Mini soft moon bag from STAUD. STAUD’s Mini soft moon bag is an expensive one, $350.

JW Pei Gabbi Bag, $49. 

  1. The Fifty SHADES For Eyes 

Push up your look with a bit hide & seek by adding a slim-framed shade. Yes, they are going to get hype again as half of your face is covered with a mask. For a style statement and to protect your eyes from the germs and strong sunlight, a tiny pretty Catseye shade is a bonus to your beauty. Need to take a cue from Bella Hadid, who looked all glammed up wearing tiny sunglasses. 

Moreover, on the finale of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” Kanye West sent Kim Kardashian an email to inform her that big sunglasses were no more in trend and tiny sunglasses were hype, the audiences couldn’t help but laugh. I hope Kim ain’t reading it if you are, then hey, I am sorry. Kanye knew very well what he wanted to mean. And since that episode brought tiny, slim sunglasses on the faces of celebrities including Rihanna and Priyanka Chopra, as big sunglasses are dimming in fashion. 

Check the new Elie Saab Resort 2020 collection, where you will get so many options. Keep your eyes on!

Also, Dolce & Gabbana, DG2254H, $497.00

Valentino, VA2033, $430.00 

  1. Beret Diaries  

To be honest, I am not much predictive about the Beret trend coming. After watching the Runways, especially Libertine & Marc Jacobs, if I can not visit France, then I won’t stop myself from dressing-up in a peachy gown and a beret on my crown and make a twirl. So, I am excited! 

Laulhère – the French beret since 1840, makes the best beret for everyone and of every event and mood. Their Béret Orion, Timeless series, €110.00, and Bibi Romy, €145.00, are the most graceful one. 

Check Louis Vuitton Leather beret, $671.53. Leather is a Fall essential material that keeps you warm and tends a classic look. 

  1. Statement Earrings 

Blame it on the classic beauty itself it is. Statement earrings are a timeless touch to your beauty. No matter what, I can’t ditch them before stepping out of my house. Earrings enhance your jawline to your ear lobes, as I said before, don’t put off your desire. 

Check Tiffany & Co., the age-old jewelry designer, is a masterpiece, no doubt. Tiffany & Co. Graduated Link Earrings, $1450.  

Winter and white pearls are like dew drops on a tea leaf in the morning. Check Mikimoto Floating Pearl Mini Hoop Earring, $1425. 

  1. Glit Up Your Mask

We have to spend this winter wearing masks no matter what, and this is best for our safety, which means it is our essential day-to-day item. But, have you ever thought of making your mask look not only exciting but sexy and quirky and fashionable too? Why not accessorize your mask?

Yes, mask accessories are available now. The designers think it all when there’s a talk about fashion-fear. Practically, this is our new routine, so, not to make it boring, lanyards, face mask chains, and other accessories are must-haves, and it’s all about fashion.

Check Jules Kae Face Mask Holder in Onyx, $18. These chains perform just like sunglass lanyards and offer ease to keep your face mask on your mouth should you need to remove it.

Quay x Lizzo Star Chain, $15. You can even pair it up with your Quay shades.

Sydne Summer Colorful Crystal Mask Necklace, $22. A pop of colors amid the dull, boring winter is not the only reason to buy this beautiful crystal mask chain. But, this 10% of the net from Sydne Summer’s mask and mask necklaces will be contributed to Feeding America, so you’ll look cute and be social working too.

  1. Power Earmuffs

Listening to your treasured playlist and keeping your ears safe from getting frostbitten are now mutually inclusive, thanks to these trending Bluetooth earmuffs. Now you can stay warm and happy without having to frequently adjust those AirPods.

Buy Power Puffs – Bluetooth Earmuffs From POTTERY BARN, $29.50.

Buy Plaid Bluetooth Earmuffs at J. Crew, $79.50.

That’s all I have for today. Keep waiting as I’ll bring you some more tips and runway styles for the Autumn. Let’s recover this pandemic and Hail this Autumn in style.


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