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Different Ways to Wear Triangle Bikini

Since its iconic debut in Paris in the 1940’s, the classic triangle bikini top has evolved to become a must have summer staple. Featuring tie straps, adjustable coverage and an endless selection of stunning shades and gorgeous prints, there’s a piece to suit every style and flatter every figure.

This cult classic will remain on trend for seasons to come, so why not experiment with your favourite pieces and add a breath of fresh air to your summertime look? We’ve scoured our Instagram feeds and explored our inner creative to compile a list of must try ways to refresh your staple triangle bikini top.

Scoop Neck

This is one of the simplest ways to freshen up your look whilst giving the same level of coverage and support that the classic triangle bikini offers. To achieve this style, rotate your triangle bikini top so the top of the triangles are facing downwards. The straps that typically tie around your neck will now tie under your bust, and the straps usually tied under your bust are now tied around your neck, with the cinch detailing at the front. Once tied, adjust the top as necessary to give as much or as little coverage as desired.

Switch up your look by tying the Rosalie Tara Tri Bikini Top as a scoop neck. Image: Tigerlily.


Transform your triangle bikini top into a contemporary bandeau style, eliminating unwanted tan lines and giving a completely new, strapless look. Lie your triangle bikini top on a flat surface and slide the triangles closer together leaving only a small gap. Tie the strap from under your bust together to create a small circle with the triangles on either side. Secure the neck straps around your back, with the keyhole cut out from tying the under bust strap at the front. For a look that’s made for watching the sunset on a warm summer’s day, slip on a flowing maxi skirt and your favourite pair of leather sandals.

Tie the stunning Tunisia Tara top into a bandeau and let our signature talisman coins hang in the centre. Image: Tigerlily.

Crossed Back Straps

If you’re looking to get a little more support than what’s usually offered by the triangle bikini top style, crossing the straps at the back will provide exactly that. Whether you’re surfing, swimming or simply want to feel more comfortable, tie the under bust strap as you usually would with the neck straps over your shoulders. Then, tie the right neck strap to the left hand side of the under bust strap and vice versa, so the straps are crossed over your back and secured.

Cross the straps of the Bodhi Tara Tri Bikini top across your back for afternoons spent surfing your favourite break. Image: Tigerlily.

Crossed Front Straps

One of the most popular styles we’ve seen this season is crossing the straps at the front, and for good reason. This simple hack brings a whole new look to your triangle bikini and is perfect for a poolside ensemble layered with a flowing shirt or printed mini skirt. Tie the under bust strap as you usually would and cross the neck straps over your chest, securing them behind your neck to create an ‘X’ at the front. This works best with bikinis that have thin string straps such as the Rosalie Tara Tri Bikini Top.


Level up your summer colour palette and pair your favourite bikinis with our overswim in signature prints. Pictured is the Rosalie Tara Tri Bikini Top in Cream Blossom. Image: Tigerlily.

For a simple yet sustainable way to refresh your summer swimwear wardrobe and switch up your look, invest in quality bikinis and let your creativity run wild. Experiment with scoop neck styles, chic strapless bandeaus and crossover straps to find your perfect beach ready look. Discover our range of bikini tops, beautifully crafted from high quality recycled materials and designed to be worn all summer long.


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