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The perfect guide to staying active and fit in the winters

If you consider yourself to be someone who enjoys and prefers the summers then you must be familiar with the phenomenon called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which for most people is triggered whenever the season changes from the summers to the winters. Seasonal Affective Disorder also commonly known as the winter blues implies that people feel considerably upset and depressed because of the cold. It is not strange to feel this way especially because generally people do lose all motivation to work or be active when it becomes really cold.

Gathering up courage or to create an incentive to get any work done does become challenging, even doing everyday chores becomes difficult let alone trying to do some extra activities or taking care of oneself. However, it is very important that we remain active and get considerable work done during the winters because not only will this be positive for our physical health but most importantly also our mental health. We also need an excuse to wear our sports clothes during the entire year and not just the summers!

Staying active in the winters have significant advantages for example:

Improves the immune system: when you exercise the blood will circulate around the body and with it so will the immunity-building cells. Although the best way of boosting your immune system is through perfecting your diet, exercises will also help you significantly.

Helps keep body temperatures up: When we don’t try to be active during the winters our body tends to stiffen and become lethargic, and the cold doesn’t help as the body temperature becomes very low. When you exercise and break a sweat this will help make your muscles heat up and increase your body temperature.

Improves blood circulation: The best way of improving blood circulation during the winters is to try to stay active as much as possible and doing cardio will do that. When your heart rate will begin to rise the blood will circulate even more efficiently.

Improves your mood: Staying active will most importantly improve your mood because it will give you an opportunity to keep yourself busy. To have something to look forward to will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Here are some of the things that you could do to keep you feel active and fit during the winters:

  1. Set up a Home Gym

If you don’t want to go outdoors because of the unbearable cold then that should not mean that you should stop working out or exercising; the simplest solution for all of this is to set up a gym at your home. All you need is basic equipment like a yoga matt, some dumbbells and weights and don’t forget a new line of activewear! These should be enough for you to keep yourself active and gradually you can definitely add more machines and tools.

  1. Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of the most popular winter sports around as many people around the world wait for winters to do ice skating. This new sport will give you the opportunity to learn something new and to challenge yourself. We strongly believe that a person should concentrate on improving their skills and grow as a human being, so don’t shy away from new experiences and opportunities.

Most importantly ice skating will help you get the best legs workout you might not even get at the gym!

  1. Skiing

Another very popular sport that so many people participate in doing around the world; skiing we admit is not a simple sport to indulge in. It will require a lot of concentration and dedication from you but we promise it’s all worth it. It’s incredibly fun and you will get to see such amazing views from the top of a mountain. Skiing improves mind and body coordination and helps improve your balance. As a mental activity we definitely advise you to do this sport and it is also excellent for core and upper body strength.

  1. Indoor Gardening

Gardening and staying around plants is therapeutic, however in winters we really don’t feel like visiting our garden, so we suggest why don’t you bring your garden indoors? Keep your plants close to you as you invest in some beautiful indoor plants such as the Chinese evergreen, the ZZ plant and the Moth Orchid; not only will they survive the entire year, they are low maintenance and they will also help decorate your house!

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