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What To Wear Golfing: A Beginner’s Guide

Golf has always been a game acknowledged as a rich man’s sport. It’s often associated with wealthy people not only because it’s expensive but also because of its exclusive equipment, clothing, and membership. If it’s your first time playing golf, you’ll really get the sense of formality, especially in the type of clothes golfers wear.

Today, most golf clubs and golf courses require you to follow dress codes. So, if you’re planning to enter this sport or make a business deal over a game or two, you need to know the basic rules of golf clothing.

Take note of the following golf dress etiquette you should avoid breaking.

1. Shorts or Pants

If you’re looking to buy men’s golf pants in Canada, take your pick between shorts and pants. Your safest choice of colours for your shorts or pants is anything neutral such as beige, cream, gray, khaki, and tan. White and other bright colours are something you may want to postpone wearing as you move up the golf hierarchy and establish yourself as a fashionable, flashy golfer.

Wearing shorts is okay as long as they’re not too short nor too tight. This rule is both applicable to men and women. Also, they should be just above the knee and tailored similar to casual trousers. Preferably, like golf pants, they should have belt loops.

A pretty good start to your golfer journey is toning down the colours of your clothing, especially if you’re playing the game with business associates or trying to strike a deal with a client. Loud patterned or brightly coloured clothing may distract many golfers, so it’s best you choose something simpler and toned down.

2. Polo Shirt With Collar

You can go for either short-sleeved or long-sleeved polo shirts as long as they have a collar. Depending on the place you live in, whether it’s a warm or cool climate, the material of the shirt can affect your comfort on the golf course.

In cool areas, a cotton shirt is always a great choice. While in warmer locations or hot weather, golf shirts made of synthetic material help sweat evaporate, keeping you dry and cool.

Other things to avoid:

  • T-shirts or Sports Jerseys
  • Big Banner Advertising Printed On the Back or Front
  • Foul Language Printed in Massive Letters

3. Golf Shoes

Never attempt to wear on the golf course your favourite sandals or rubber shoes. There are particular golf shoes that you should wear that have soft spikes instead of those conventional shoes with metal spikes. Also, only change into your shoes in the locker room, not in your car or at the parking lot.

There are three kinds of golf shoes:

  • Steel Spike Shoes: These are usually used by professionals and may not be allowed on most standard courses for amateurs.
  • Soft Spike Shoes: These are the most popular type in which steel spikes are replaced with plastic or rubber ones to avoid tearing up the grass.
  • Spikeless Shoes: The sole of these shoes has plenty of small rubber studs, which are ideal for people who get stud pressure on spiked golf shoes.

4. Belt and Socks

Make use of those loops by wearing a belt. It can be whatever that you think looks good and matches your pants and shoes. But again, check the dress code in the golf course you’re planning to frequent.

For socks, keep in mind that if you’re wearing long trousers, your socks need to match them. If you’re planning to wear shorts, your socks should be light-coloured.

5. Cap or Hat

To protect your eyes and the top of your head from the heat of the sun, you have plenty of options for headwear. This includes:

  • Baseball Cap – This is the most common hat you’ll see on golf courses.
  • Bucket Hat – This is another common choice for all-around sun protection with its narrow brim.
  • Visor – This may be slightly better at keeping the sun out of your eyes and face, most preferred to use by women.

6. Glove

A golf glove is optional, but if you plan to play long enough, you’ll definitely need one. The key here is to look for the right size.

Traditionally, golfers wear one glove on their weak hands. Right-handed golfers wear their gloves on the left hand, and alternately, left-handed ones wear theirs on the right hand. You should only wear one and avoid wearing two, or you’ll look like a beginner.

Enjoy the game!

We hope this short article was able to cover the basic things you need to remember regarding golf clothing. Whenever you’re unsure of what to wear, don’t hesitate to call the golf club beforehand. These rules exist not to limit you but to show respect to other golfers and pay tribute to the ancient game of golf.

Most importantly, as it’s your first time playing golf, have fun and don’t worry too much about what other people may think. Cover your bases by understanding the rules and etiquette, and dress in a way that makes you feel good and confident.

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