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Fatigue-Fighting Tips: Regain Your Energy

  1. Go To Bed Early

According to research, about 1/3 of adults in America sleep less than 7 hours every day. According to ZOE scientists and International Academic Collaborators noted after conducting several research and tests that those who slept longer find it easier to wake up in the morning and stay alert throughout the day.

Moreover, the time you go to bed is important as well. The same organization ZOE found out that those who go to bed early have better sugar control the next morning. Going to bed late is more likely to lead to blood sugar increase and decrease, which makes a person feel tired and less attentive.

Investing in a Hypnos mattress, according to experts, can help you to get a great night’s sleep due to their superior support.

Therefore, based on this information, it is wise to consider going to bed early to avoid the feeling of tiredness during the day. Remember, even 30 minutes can make a huge difference.

  1. The Breakfast You Eat

The truth is that; mornings can be chaotic for many of us. That is because we are dazed from just waking up, have to prepare to go to work and handle other activities such as preparing the kids for school before it gets late. For this reason, finding the time to have a balanced breakfast may be tricky.

For example, did you know that if your morning meal is sugary, it could be the reason you are low on energy? According to ZOE findings, eating a breakfast containing protein, fat, and/or complex carbohydrates is better for blood sugar control. This is highly important, especially if you did not have a great night sleep. You are advised to avoid a sugary breakfast.

What Kinds Of Foods Should You Avoid To Prevent Feeling Tired?

According to Dr. Sarah Berry, lead Zoe nutritional scientist and associate professor at the Department of Nutritional Science at King’s College London suggests going for breakfast that does not have refined carbohydrates and contain protein and fat.

According to Dr. Sarah you should add protein and fat sources such as eggs, avocado, sourdough toast, wholemeal, and vegetables such as grilled tomatoes.

  1. Eat The Right Food For You

Research has proven that there is no one definite answer when it comes to nutrition. The meals that may cause a spike and dip in blood sugar for your body throughout the day may be only particular to you. For this reason, know the best foods that will give you the energy level that will help you feel less tired.

Consider investing in an at-home test that you will use to test your blood sugar and blood fat response after eating. Doing this will give you a personalized recommendation for the best foods for your unique biology.

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