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6 Tips For Maintaining Happy And Productive Employees

Most employees spend at least 8 hours a day at work hence the need to have a safe, friendly and comfortable environment. In return, keeping your employees happy increases their level of productivity. Below are tip to ensure that your employees stay happy and productive:

  1. Be a good employer:

Being a good employer means that you have set clear goals and expectations for your employees. Every employee needs to know what their deliverables are, and their roles in the organization. Offering clear schedules and providing a clear chain of command demonstrates proper leadership and offers a sense of direction for your employees.

It is wrong to assume that everyone is aware of your expectations of them. Clearly spell out the rules and regulations and demonstrate procedures that they should follow. Handing them employee manuals is a great way of doing this, but imagine how much more effective talking one-on-one with them will be?

Be flexible in your approach of dealing with them. For example, employees who have lunch breaks are relatively happier that those who do not. Break times are a good way for them to rejuvenate and increase their productivity. Some employers also accept their employees to clock in early at work and leave late or vice versa. Generally, outlining your expectations leads to lesser problems at work and thus more productive employees.

  1. Motivate your employees:

When an employee performs exceptionally well, it is good to offer them praise and encourage them to keep at it. Thanking them for doing a good job makes them feel valued. If a mistake occurs at work, seek first to understand why it happened as opposed to immediately punishing your employee.

Teach them the proper way of doing things and do not tire of training them. At times, punishing employees may just turn them rebellious, bitter and angry. This could lead to them sabotaging your organization’s work. Continuous error even after correction may be an indication of a bigger challenge either with the employee or the company’s procedures and needs further evaluation. Create a work schedule using with goals that are suited to the individuals strengths. This will help you to ensure that the right people are doing the right tasks and therefore will improve productivity.

Don’t forget a grumpy boss makes fearful employees. Smile often and seek to know of your employees’ welfare beyond the work environment. Seek to know of their well-being and that of their loved ones; it shows you care! In case your employees show signs of depression, accord them the necessary resource allocation to seek help. Depressed employees are generally less productive due to issues like absenteeism or other related health problems.

  1. Create a productive atmosphere

One of the majorly overlooked things that boost employees’ productivity and ensures their happiness is the environment they work in. An office’s physical layout is a crucial consideration so make it comfy and pleasant. A spacious office with proper ventilation is most ideal as it allows fresh air to continually stream in.

Offering your employees healthy foods in the break room contributes to their well-being. You can even initiate a healthy food challenge which is a way of ensuring your employees eat better, stay healthy and productive. Every once in a while, have catered healthy lunch delivered to your employees; it will make them happy.

It is also important to allow your employees to reasonably modify their work space to make it feel more personal. Offer your employees amenities that improve work-life balance, for example child-care near the office premises. Offering leave days and the recommended maternity and paternity leave is also a wonderful step towards ensuring this balance.

  1. Encourage feedback and be honest

Listening to employees’ concerns and feedback is very crucial to maximum productivity. For example, your organization may be facing a high employee turnover but you may not understand why. Opening up communication channels within the organization promotes honesty and transparency. Listening to the employees and giving them feedback is an assurance that they have been heard and that their voices are important

  1. Encourage career growth and professional development

Creating a career pathway by offering your employees opportunities for developmental support is key to retaining them and keeping them happy and productive. This could come in the form of training opportunities, mentoring and education advancement opportunities. Doing this not only helps your employees get up-skilled, but also offers you an opportunity to work with people whose skills are competitive in the market.

  1. Encourage communication among employees

The best avenues to achieve this would be through creating common spaces where employees can meet up to just share or brainstorm. A break room would be very ideal especially when nicely furnished and offering healthy snacks to create a great atmosphere. Team building activities such as regular sport days are also a great way of encouraging conversations and positive interactions among employees; thus boosting their productivity and happiness.


One way to keep your employees happy and productive is to use skills tracking software. This software can help you identify the skills and abilities of your employees.

Once you have identified the skills of your employees, you can track their development over time. This will help you to see which skills are getting better and which are declining. This information will help you to make decisions about training and development for your employees.

In addition, using skills tracking software can help you to identify which employees are not meeting your expectations. You can then take action to address these issues.

Skills tracking software is a great way to keep your employees happy and productive. It can help you to identify their skills, track their development over time, and address any issues that arise.

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