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How to prepare for a destination wedding

People often think a destination wedding is an easy and more intimate way to get hitched. After all, going abroad usually means fewer guests to manage and entertain, and package deals tend to leave all the details down to the wedding planner.

Unfortunately, getting married miles away from home can actually be a mammoth task. Before you take to the skies (or seas), there are plenty of things to do and consider. In today’s guide, here is everything you need to do while planning your destination wedding so that there’s less to worry about on the big day.

Research seasons

There’s very little point in heading abroad for the perfect wedding if you don’t check the best seasons to travel. If you’re looking for a beautifully sunny wedding, you’ll be less than pleased when you arrive in the middle of monsoon season.

Before setting a date, be sure to research temperatures and weather conditions to avoid disappointment. If you’re planning on jetting off to a popular destination, whether that’s on a commercial flight or, having made use of a jet card comparison site, you have found the perfect program to join in order to satisfy your private jet flying desires, be aware that prices for accommodation and flights will be significantly higher, and you may need to adjust your budget accordingly.

Visit the destination beforehand

Anyone can make anything look beautiful with the help of a little Photoshop or filters – especially travel companies. Before paying a hefty deposit for your dream destination wedding, it’s crucial you visit the location beforehand. This will give you a chance to smooth out any issues you have, as well as familiarize yourself with the local area.

Give guests plenty of notice

Save-the-dates should always be sent well in advance, but this is particularly important if you’re inviting people to come abroad. They’ll need to book more than a single day off work, organize travel, accommodation, and potentially childcare. It’s recommended to send invites 8-12 months in advance so that guests have the chance to get everything booked.

Book together

Generally, guests pay for their own accommodation, but larger groups can benefit from lower prices when booking as part of a group or package. There may be some guests you’d like to pay for, so make sure to politely but clearly tell others that they’ll need to pay for themselves.

Depending on where guests are flying from, you might also want to consider carpooling or traveling to the airport together. To make things easier, you can ask family and friends to pre-book parking at the airport at so that everything is organized well in advance of the day.

All of the information about booking, timings, and itineraries should be provided on the save-the-date or via email with plenty of notice.

Invest locally

For flower arrangements, food, and decorations, you can save a pretty penny by investing in local goods. Olive branches for a Tuscan wedding, carnitas in Cabo, and other local specialties will not only add to the immersive experience of your wedding but also give you more budget to spend elsewhere.

The key to a successful destination wedding is plenty of organization. Those that prep well can sit back and enjoy the experience to its fullest. After all, this is your big day; you don’t want to add any stress or pressure.

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