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Top Tips for Hosting an Amazing Virtual Party

These days, knowing how to host a fun and enjoyable virtual party is essentially a must. Not only do the continuing circumstances created by the Covid-19 pandemic indicate that it is still wisest to hold meetings involving larger numbers of people virtually, but you might very well just live a ways away from your family and friends.

Beyond the obvious benefits associated with hosting a virtual party are a few others that might not have occurred to you. There will be no real set-up or tear-down involved with your party when you choose to go virtual, but you will be able to invite people who aren’t located near enough to make attending in person feasible.

If you have decided that your next party should be a virtual one, here are a few tips to help you host an amazing event that everyone will enjoy.

Plan an Activity

One of the things that can make virtual parties a bit awkward is when there is nothing to really do. You can’t expect a bunch of people to simply join a zoom call and then be done with it. Rather, you should plan an activity that everyone can take part in. This will help to get the conversations started and the party rolling.

For your activity, you should choose something that will be easy for everyone to do and that will be universally appealing. One great option to consider is a virtual chocolate tasting.

When you sign up for a virtual chocolate tasting, everyone who is going to be joining your party will receive a special box of chocolates ahead of time. Then, a guide will join your call and walk everyone through the tasting. The best part is that everyone will get to enjoy some delicious, artisan chocolates!

Once the tasting is over, you will find people jumping into the conversation and having a great time for the remainder of the event.

Have Some Games Planned

After your activity is complete, you might still want to plan a few things in order to keep people engaged and interested. There are a number of great games that can be played in a virtual setting that will be fun for everyone involved.

Among the more popular games to play during a virtual party is trivia. Everyone loves a good trivia competition, and you can make yours even more competitive by breaking everyone into teams.

If your friend group is one that shares common interests, consider building your trivia game around that. You can then choose a prize for the winning team that can be sent to them once the party is over.

Plan Food and Drink

Even though you obviously won’t be able to prepare food and drink for your virtual party guests, you can still encourage people to make things as realistic as possible by asking everyone to have the same sort of things on hand at their own homes. This can be as simple as asking everyone to order pizza at the same time so that it can feel as though you are all sharing a meal together.

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