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Where Can a Cosmetology Career Take You?

The need for licensed cosmetology professionals has significantly increased in the past several years. According to Genesis Career College, professionally trained cosmetologists are in demand at salons, spas, and other businesses in the beauty and wellness industry. As a cosmetologist, there are multiple different career paths you could pursue such as haircutting and hairstyling, manicures and pedicures, skincare, and makeup application. Because there are so many different career paths you can follow within this industry, there are also endless options when it comes to where a cosmetology career leads your future career. So where exactly could a career in cosmetology take you? Stay tuned to find out.

Owning Your Own Salon

If you’re considering a career in cosmetology, it’s safe to say that one of the most enticing options is to become your own boss. Owning a salon is one of the most appealing options for many young professionals pursuing a career in cosmetology. By owning your own salon, it allows you to have the freedom to make your own decisions and to have the final say on every detail that goes into creating your own unique space. You also can have more control over your work-schedule, which is an added bonus.

There are no set guidelines when it comes to starting your salon and you have the option to provide as many, or as little services as you desire. For example, your salon could offer not only hairstyling, but also skincare, manicures and pedicures, and makeup application. Or if you have a extreme passion for skincare, your salon could simply offer that service alone. Ultimately, if you are looking for more freedom in your workplace and the option to become your own boss, then owning a salon may be great career option for you.

Entertainment Industry Makeup Artist

If you have a passion for makeup application, then you may consider a career working as a makeup artist in the entertainment industry. As a makeup artist, especially within the entertainment and film industry, your job isn’t just to make people beautiful. This role can involve making the main star look flawless, or it could entail turning the crew members into zombies. As a makeup artist in this field, it is your responsibility to “breath life” into the characters you are creating them into.According to The Balance Careers, there are typically four different jobs in the entertainment industry’s makeup department: key makeup artists, makeup assistants, makeup artists, and makeup effects artists.

Regardless, the role of a makeup artist is vital to the field, as an actor is much more likely to be able to commit to a role if their appearance also has transformed into it. The same could be said for the viewers – as they are more likely to buy into the story if the actor’s appearances match what is occurring. You wouldn’t watch a movie about a King or Queen without expecting them to be completely decked out in every sense of the word. If you have a passion for using makeup application to tell a story, then your cosmetology career could lead you to working in the entertainment industry.

Beauty School Instructor

Many of the best beauty professionals and cosmetologists began their journey throughout beauty school. To be successful in the role of a cosmetologist, typically you need to receive the right education. By taking the opportunity to return to beauty school, but this time as an instructor, you’re able to continue to establish your skillset while also helping students to develop theirs.

If you are a licensed cosmetology professional, there is a good chance you enjoy working with people. In this role, you would be able to work with students and other faculty daily, as well as provide students with the one-on-one time they may need. As an instructor, many beauty schools also allow you a part-time option to keep your original clients, so you don’t have to fully give up your practice to pursue this career. Working as a beauty school instructor allows you the freedom to create your own unique teaching methods that you feel will best resonate with students and to create the future wave of licensed cosmetologists.

Beauty Influencer

Of course, you could also use your education in cosmetology to become a beauty influencer. This career path is especially great for those with a creative side who enjoy flaunting their personal styles and love for all-things beauty. Typically, as a beauty influencer, you would establish your niche and develop good quality content related to that. For example, if you have a passion for makeup application, you may consider becoming a makeup influencer.

If you love sharing your beauty brands, tips, and products, then you are likely to love a career working as a beauty influencer. In an essence, you are creating your own personal brand and sharing it with the world.

Overall, if you have a fun and entrepreneurial spirit, a career in cosmetology can land you just about anywhere you desire. Establishing your passion is the first step. If you’re waiting for a sign to get started following your passion for cosmetology, this is it. There are so many career opportunities waiting for you down the road.

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