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5 Best Practical Housewarming Gift ideas

Is someone close to you moving to a new place? I am sure, they are – that is why you are here today, reading this think piece. After all, finding and then moving to a new house is a beautiful transition. Yet, it’s hectic and sometimes overwhelming. There’s so much to do in so less time.

Your closed ones are certainly going through a lot. In such a case, a gift that’s both custom-made and also multifunctional will help reduce their anxiety and make them feel good about the change. Does gifting a practical housewarming gift to your closed ones means making a hole in your pocket?

Don’t worry. We have mentioned the 5 best practical housewarming gifts you can give someone to make their day!

  1. Personalized portrait of their new house

Believe me, it’s one of the most unique and best gifts you can give to someone who is just moving to their new home. They will be more than delighted to get this special present if they have just moved to their dream house.

Even if it’s not their dream home but just an apartment with limited space, they are going to cherish this special gift as it’s a symbol of them moving to a new chapter of their life. An average American moves 11.4 times in their lifetime.

In case they move out, they can always be reminded of their first house ever by the personalized house portrait you gifted them at their housewarming party.

  1. A bartender kit

While everyone is going to bring bottles of drinks as their housewarming gift, you can choose to be different from the crowd by gifting a bartender kit.

Moving to a new house is a tiring process. After moving, getting accustomed to the new place and getting used to the new neighbors is another big thing.

All one needs is a few good glasses of drinks to make sure your closed one doesn’t get overwhelmed in the process. A bartender kit is a great gift as making drinks with it becomes easier and more fun.

  1. Personalized Coasters with their name on it

Whenever we think about practical gift ideas, we think of the things that can be used regularly and not just kept in an almirah to get dusted over years. Coasters are one of the things that we use almost daily. Gifting a coaster means being missed each time they use them.

But just gifting a common coaster can be dull and boring. To add a twist, you can order personalized coasters from a gift store online. All you have to do is to inscribe their names, surnames, or a cute nickname on the coasters.

  1. A Home Security Bundle

It doesn’t matter if your close ones have made arrangements for their security or not… you can always do it to show your love and concern for them.

What’s a better way to show your care for someone by giving them a Home Security Bundle? They are surely going to be happy upon receiving this useful gift. Make sure that it has security sensors.

If you want your surprise to be the best, you can choose home security that also includes a virtual assistant – read more on the different kinds of home alarm systems before choosing one. A system that lets you zoom in and gives a proper view is the best option to go for practical housewarming gifts.

  1. A door hanger

Were your close ones so busy in shifting things that they forgot or didn’t get the time to shop decorative pieces? Well then, you can be the savior by gifting one or more of them. As this gift suggesting section is all about practical gifts, you don’t need to give something meaningless that is just for the show and of no use.

Gift them a personalized and custom door hanger with their name inscribed. This serves the purpose of a beautiful addition to the house. Also, it helps people to find the new home of the newly shifted family/individual.

Over to you…

We hope that you found the perfect housewarming gift for your closed one that is both practical and personal. These gifts are surely going to bring a huge smile to their face. Let us know which one of them worked for you. Read more

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