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Top 5 Eyelash Extension Products

Having the right eyelash extension supplies and tools are a must for any aspiring artist or experienced lash technician. Perusing eyelash extension stores can be overwhelming at first, that’s why we are here to break down the top 5 eyelash extension products you should add to your professional lash kit.


Individual Lashes

Working with luxurious mink individual eyelash extensions doesn’t have to be a pipe dream anymore. Top-quality eyelash extensions can help you design striking lash looks that are durable, long-lasting and voluminous.

As lash artists, it’s always a good idea to have a variety of individual eyelash extensions of different curls, diameters and lengths in your lash kit. Made with the highest-quality PBT material, Stacy Lash Mink Eyelashes are perfect both for classic and volume looks. Whether your clients want the iconic black lashes or colored individual eyelash extensions for special occasions, Stacy Lash has got you covered!

Eyelash Tweezers

Most beginner lash artists often tend to underestimate the importance of using eyelash extension tweezers. This lash extension tool may look small, but lash tweezers play a huge role in the eyelash extension process.

Using stainless steel and corrosion-proof tweezers, like the Stacy Lash Tweezers, can ensure proper sanitation and help your clients avoid unnecessary health issues.

Lash Pads

Along with tweezers, eye patches for lash extensions also deserve their own spotlight. This incredibly helpful eyelash extension product is used to prevent eyes and skin from direct contact with the glue and its powerful fumes.

As the Stacy Lash Eye Pads contain natural aloe extract, these pads are very skin-friendly. From nourishing the skin to providing proper protection, the Stacy Lash Eye Pads make the eyelash extension process much more comfortable.

Eyelash Glue

We must also mention the benefits of using top-end eyelash extension glues that not only ensure strong retention power but also make the lashing process even more convenient and fast.

When choosing the right lash glue, it’s best to go for fast adhesion and low-fume formulas. The Stacy Lash Extra Strong Evolution Advanced Glue has retention power that makes eyelash extensions last up to 6 weeks. Along with minimal fumes, the Stacy Lash Extra Strong Evolution Advanced Glue is famous for its fast adhesion that is perfect for experienced lash artists.

Lash Bonder

Speaking of fast adhesion, lash bonders are incredible eyelash products that have numerous benefits. From speeding up the bonding time of lash adhesives to accelerating the curing process, using lash bonders is a pro tip like no other.

The Stacy Lash Extra Bonder is here to save the day! It makes the application process comfortable for sensitive clients, as they spend less time being exposed to strong fumes. Also it instantly polymerizes the glue, so your clients do not need to wait 24 hours prior getting their extensions wet. So, browse through our eyelash extension store and choose your favorite lash products!

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