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5 Most Demanded Cosmetic Treatments in NYC

Cosmetic treatments of all kinds have left a lasting impact on big cities like NYC. Countless clients go in for some kind of facial augmentation, rejuvenation, body contouring on a regular basis. Business is booming and with each year, cosmetic centers offer better and better deals to their clients, old and new alike. We’re long past the days of seeing cosmetic procedures as a privilege only a few rich people could afford.

We all have access to the many benefits of cosmetic procedures and have the opportunity to change our looks to the exact image we always wanted to see in the mirror. But a few of these have been in demand a lot more than others. Treatments including Botox, Sculptra butt lifts and lip fillers in New York and other major big cities around the globe have seen a drastic increase in appeal. As more and more people learn about these amazing treatments, the more they are persuaded into trying them out.

But let’s see what they actually are and what they do.


No matter how much you follow your diet, have a strict sleeping schedule, exercise regularly, refuse to eat any junk food, there’s going to be fat in some places on your body. Fat is a very important component of our bodies, but let’s not lie to ourselves and claim that it’s always great. Sometimes, fat can be a downright nuisance, especially when it’s in really inconvenient areas.

A good example of this would be when fat builds up between the thighs. People who wear shorts or skirts will often complain about the two sides rubbing against each other and causing a rash and skin irritation. This is the result of excess layers of fat that can cause not only mental, but also physical discomfort.

Regardless of what you do, from dieting to exercising, nothing seems to help. The rest of your body is in relatively good shape, but it’s that one place with a little extra fat that just won’t go away. Enter Coolsculpting, a great treatment for anyone looking to treat a specific part of their body and sculpt it.

Using cold pads to freeze away fat cells, Coolsculpting can thin out fat layers in any part of the body, without even piercing through the skin. The entire procedure is non-invasive and is finished within 40 to 50 minutes. A great example of how ingenuity can make the difficult task of sculpting the body so much easier.

So if you’re having trouble with a specific area of fat that just won’t go away try Coolsculpting.


The entire world seems to love Botox and for more reasons that one can count.

Among the biggest is that Botox is super effective. Most skeptics of cosmetic procedures, who don’t really understand why so many people pay money to get treated, end up amazed when they see the final results. They just look really good.

The skin becomes visibly livelier and a lot more smooth skin. The wrinkles are faded, though only slightly visible. And the entirety of the face has this aura of freshness that only Botox can produce.

You’ve already heard a lot about Botox. It’s become a household name in the entire world of cosmetics. And there are many reasons behind this popularity. You can find out for yourself with a single session.

Lip Fillers

The lips are such an important and attractive part of the face. They express a big chunk of our emotions, are always moving around as we talk and are the most eye-catching portions of our faces. So, you already understand why lip fillers in New York City, as well as other cities that are dense with cosmetic centers and clinics, are so popular.

People don’t simply want to have normal lips. They want them to be plumper, more vibrant and expressive. And this isn’t to say that thin lips aren’t attractive. But it’s just common to see people prefer to have thicker lips over thin ones.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have bigger lips and lip filler injections are the perfect answer to this wish.


Another area of the body that people like to plump up is the buttocks. Curves are such a big trend right now, that there are special training programs designed to help people get these curves through rigorous exercising.

But this would take you a lot longer than if you just tried out the Sculptra butt lift. Using a special compound that lifts the buttocks in all the right places, Sculptra rounds it out, giving it a more defined shape.

The compound and the injections are designed to make these curves look as authentic as possible. Oftentimes, the results of body contouring treatments look fake as a result of low-quality compound or unrefined methodology.

But Sculptra will give the posterior that healthy rounded shape and it will still look as real as it did before the injections. Only a little more curvy, which is exactly what people are looking for from this treatment.


Among all the other treatments out there, only one shines as the best way to get rid of that dreaded double chin and that is the Kybella injection. It’s a specialized compound, which burns through fat cells and shrinks the layer of fat in that area.

Many clinics across the country offer Kybella for those looking to chisel out their jawline and chin, including Manhattan’s MiracleFace MedSpa. They’ve reported that the Kybella treatment has seen a recent rise in popularity and is being demanded by clients of all ages.

It’s a minimally-invasive treatment like the other ones we’ve already mentioned above. This means a short recovery time, few to no side effects and a very slim chance of allergic reactions, which sometimes make other cosmetic treatments inaccessible to many patients.

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