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A Little Botox Q&A: Answering Your Questions

Ever wanted to get a straight answer to the most popular questions about Botox? Do you want to have a general idea of how it works, what it does and how it can help you? With the insider knowledge provided to us by Manhattan’s Skinly Aesthetics cosmetic center, these questions have some definitive answers. And without all those rumors and fluff the media loves to push.

The Botox treatment has become a big name in the beauty industry. Not only that, but you can hear the word “Botox” widely used as a general term to describe facial cosmetic treatments, augmentation; some people even refer to plastic surgery as Botox. And while that’s not accurate at all, it goes to show you just how popular it’s become.

So why not learn a little more about it?

Q: How does Botox work?

A: By work, I’ll assume you mean how it affects the body and produces results. For that we first have to understand exactly what Botox accomplishes.

Our skin, as we grow older, gets all wrinkled and saggy. It’s the natural order of life and currently, is one of the biggest battles we’re fighting. Not only do we want to feel young and healthy, but we also want to look the part.

This means getting rid of wrinkles, smile and expression lines, crows feet and the many other age marks that are found all over the face. They’re natural; sure. They can be very beautiful; definitely. But that doesn’t mean every one of us should have to live with wrinkles if we don’t want to.

That’s why there are many anti-aging treatments available in countless cosmetic clinics all over the globe. The United States alone has some of the biggest markets for Botox, with cities like LA, Miami and NYC being excellent examples.

So, what Botox does, is it numbs very specific nerves, which are responsible for creating constant tension in the facial muscles. When muscles are tense, the skin gets wrinkled up. So, to counteract this, Botox is injected, which soothes out the muscles and corrects the wrinkles above.

Q: Is Botox dangerous?

A: If we’re talking about danger, we have to mention the botulinum toxin, which is what Botox is made of. The botulinum toxin sounds dangerous and yes, it is. Not the dosages that cosmetic treatments are performed with, but let’s just say: you wouldn’t want to jump into a pool of botulinum toxin.

So on the one hand, it is dangerous, but the Botox treatment itself isn’t. As I already mentioned, the dosage that is used in Botox is very small. In fact, there are some medical applications of Botox which use far greater amounts of the compound to treat anything from muscle spasms to joint pains.

And in the hands of a skilled and seasoned practitioner, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

If this isn’t enough to convince you of the compound’s safety, then maybe you can trust the word of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Those guys know what they’re talking about, as they are a panel of highly knowledgeable experts whose literal job is to test for any dangers in food and drugs.

They approved Botox for cosmetic use almost two decades ago. And since then, very rarely has there been a mistake or error made during a Botox treatment. Virtually all of them are performed without any setbacks.

Q: Is Botox expensive?

A: Once you’ve come to accept that Botox isn’t all that dangerous or risky, next thing you’re worried about is the pricing. You follow celebrity gossip and news about your favorite Hollywood actors. You see how they’re getting treated with Botox and a whole bunch of other cosmetic procedures.

Naturally, you think that if they’re the ones getting treated, the procedures must cost a fortune. If you were to say this a couple decades ago, most people would agree. Back in the days of its infancy, cosmetic Botox wasn’t as widespread, so the demand for it was really low. To compensate for the low demand and the high skill that was required to perform the treatments, doctors had to charge far more than they do now.

There are tons of clinics out there that offer Botox for very affordable prices. There’s nothing more satisfying for patients than picking out a very reasonably priced Botox treatment plan.

Q: How do the results look?

A: I know why people ask this question. It’s because they see those botched cosmetic treatments, where the person looks like a plastic doll and think that’s going to happen to them.

Yes, botched operations do occur. And for a variety of reasons. What you’ve seen is likely the outcome of an inexperienced practitioner, the use of low-quality compounds or maybe because the patient went in for far more treatments than they were supposed to.

If you know your limit, a practitioner you can trust and take good care of your body and especially skin, there is no plastic look you’ll have to worry about. The results will look authentic and noticeably better, without giving away the fact that you’ve had Botox injections.

Q: Is the procedure painful?

A: It’s not everyday that you get injected in the face with a muscle-numbing gel. So if you are going to be injected later that day, you’d be interested to know if it’s going to hurt.

Getting injected in the face would hurt quite a lot, unless the doctors used numbing cream. Which they do. Numbing cream is a type of anaesthetic, which is spread on the area of the face that’s going to be injected.

No, doctors aren’t sadists; they don’t want you to feel pain for no reason. Numbing cream is enough to get rid of any unwanted sensations, so you can leave the clinic untraumatized.

More Questions Will Always Come

Now, these are only a few of the most popular questions. There are many more which will need answering, but for now, let’s just focus on what we have. Don’t rush into your Botox appointment, but also don’t just dismiss it.

Understand what it is and only then will you decide if it’s something you need.

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