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5 Allergen Triggers That Might Be Hiding In Your Home

If you’re like most people, you’d never think to clean a house while allergens are still present. But that’s exactly what a Las Vegas house cleaning company does.

They use an allergen detection machine to find all of the allergens in a home before they start cleaning. This way, they can avoid making anyone sick.

Household Pests

Household pest infestations can be an absolute nightmare for anyone, whether you are a homeowner or a tenant. Pests can destroy properties and cause allergies.

What’s more, some pests hide pretty well, and you might be unaware of a potential infestation before your home gradually becomes riddled with pests.

To ensure this is not the case, you should invest in Home Pest Control services, even if you don’t note any alarming signs of pests. These services will prevent infestations as well.

Your Bed Linen

If some of your allergy symptoms include red skin, skin rashes, and others, you might want to question your choice of bed linen.

Some fabrics are simply not suitable for everyone, and spending a bit extra on a higher quality fabric will go a long way in preserving your skin health.

The condition and cleanliness of your bed linen is also a factor that can impact allergies. Neglecting regular washes in high heat temperatures can cause sinus issues as a build-up of dust and dead skin cells won’t do you any good.

Your Pets

Even if you keep pet hair off your carpets and sofas, you will still need to bathe and groom pets regularly to ensure their hair is not upsetting your allergies.

It is best to use a hypoallergenic pet shampoo and groom pets at least twice a week to prevent allergy triggers. In addition, you should also invest in a tick and flea collar as these pests could also be harming your health.

Professional cleaning companies like this Las Vegas house cleaning company can help to keep your house free from pet hair and dander, as well as other allergens such as dust and pollen that the hair will carry.

Your Carpets

If you aren’t vacuuming your carpets twice each week and deep cleaning them once every couple of months, the build-up of dust is likely triggering your allergies.

Carpets are generally a culprit for allergies in the home as they collect dust exceptionally fast. To be extra safe, you should consider removing all carpeting from your home. Tiling or wooden floors won’t trigger your allergies at all.

Outdoor Pollution

In some cases, your home might be affected by outdoor pollution such as dust, car exhaust fumes, and others. To ensure this isn’t the case, you should always keep your doors and windows closed, especially if you live in a home located near the main road or an open park area.

In addition, you should install an air conditioning system in your home to ensure the air quality is always regulated and ideal.

Several allergen triggers could be lurking in your home, and the best way to ensure your home is always free of allergens is to clean regularly, invest in pest control services, and ensure your pets are groomed regularly.

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