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4 Ways to Choose The Right Confirmation Gift

Confirmation is an important sacrament in the Catholic faith. On an occasion when a person commits to their faith, this sacrament is one that is celebrated by families and people in the church community. If you’re a confirmation sponsor or family member to someone making their confirmation and aren’t sure what to buy for a confirmation gift, take a deep breath.

While it may seem difficult to know what to buy for someone who’s being confirmed into the Catholic Church, it’s actually not challenging at all. For four easy ways to approach your confirmation gift plan with confidence, read on.

  1. The Gift of Time

The sacrament of confirmation is a symbol of time. A person is committing to their faith for the remainder of their life after learning about the Catholic Church. Different from First Communion or baptism, this is the first sacrament where a believer is asked to publically state their faith. In a large confirmation ceremony, usually with others being confirmed, the confirmation candidate is celebrating the future in the church. They’re looking back at their faith journey, too.

A watch or any timepiece that represents the passage of time is not only symbolic but something that could make the perfect confirmation keepsake as well. Start with a Google search for “best watch brands under $200” and you’ll find hundreds of choices at affordable prices. The global market today has made it easier than ever before to find that perfect watch made of stainless steel or quartz. When shopping for the best watch for the person that you’re hoping to support, consider their lifestyle.

A teenager who enjoys sports might prefer a smartwatch they can use to track fitness, where another might be more interested in a compass watch or durable leather straps because of their interests. When giving a gift related to time, be sure to include a note explaining how your gift is symbolic. A simple message like “May your faith journey be infinite might work.”

  1. Personalized Gifts

To make that watch even more special, consider personalizing it by engraving initials, or the special day the person you love will be confirmed. If you’re not sure that a watch is right for the confirmation candidate on your list, there are hundreds of other options to explore when it comes to personalized gifts. After doing some brainstorming for confirmation gift ideas you might have great luck choosing a personalized confirmation gift on Etsy.

Platforms like Etsy are great for personal gifts because most of the products are handmade and can be ordered to be customized. If you find a gift you like, it’s a great idea to contact the Etsy shop owner and ask how the gift can be personalized. Whether you go for a personalized mug or pillow or have a confirmation dress made from scratch, you’ll have a better chance of choosing a confirmation gift your recipient loves by putting this extra touch on it.

  1. Sentimental Gifts

You don’t need to spend money to give the perfect gift. Consider passing on your favorite rosary beads or the bible you were given when you made your Holy Communion. If you are a godparent or the confirmation sponsor, a great option is to write the confirmation date in your bible and pass it down. Not only is a gift like this something your loved one will have for a long time, but it’ll be meaningful because it came from you and was part of your faith journey.

  1. Spiritual Gifts for the Mind and Soul

The best part about picking a great confirmation gift is that it can be soul-affirming. Consider gifts that will encourage your loved one to take time away from daily life to meditate and spend time with themselves and God. Self-care products are great for this, as are items like hiking boots and camping gear for a reflective time in nature. Again, you’ll want to include a note explaining your gift choice and offer your congratulations on the special day.

In the end, you can’t go wrong with a Catholic confirmation gift if you put some thought into it and link it to the importance of the special occasion. In letting your loved one know that you support their faith choices and being there for them, you’ll be giving them one of the best gifts there is.

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