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2022 Fashion Forecast Preview – Get an Inside Look Now

The past one and a half years of the pandemic have been a rollercoaster ride for everyone, and, as a result, the fashion scene has changed forever. For one thing, most trendsetters have ditched the classic trends for personal styles. So, what’s in store for 2022 in terms of fashion?

In this fashion forecast preview, we’ll walk you through some of the hottest trends you will likely see throughout next year.

1- Animal Print Clothing

When it comes to clothing trends for the upcoming year, it is going to be a zoo of fiercely gorgeous animal prints. And we knew this was coming. Animal print clothing is an evergreen fashion trend that has proven its staying power time and time again.

In fact, popular animal prints like leopard spots aren’t exactly newcomers; they are always in style, but this trend has made a massive leap in the last year or so. For 2022, tastemakers predict snakeskin and leopard prints will pave the way for tiger stripes and zebra prints. What’s more, you should keep your eyes peeled for abstract variations that give new meaning to classic animal prints. 

Let’s shed more light on some of the most prominent animal print clothing styles that’ll buck the fashion trend in 2022.

Cowhide: If you’re easily intimidated by bold patterns and animal prints, then you might find cowhide to be more your speed, as it is one of the coolest prints, according to Forbes. Closely related to the zebra print, this trend is effortless to wear and goes with just about anything, plus it offers a cool vibe that makes it ideal for everything from tank tops to scarves and even hats.

Cowhide pieces pair well with neutral items, be they apparel or accessories. For instance, you can don a cowhide biker jacket with a pair of skinny black jeans, and you’ll be prepared for anything that 2022 throws at you. Stick with a tan or white top and a pair of classic shoes.

Zebra print: If there’s one animal print clothing pattern that will hog the limelight in 2020, that would definitely be the zebra print. It is the definitive fashion trend of the new season, and it is not difficult to see why. Zebra prints are prized for their wearability, all thanks to the pattern’s minimalist feel and neutral color palette.

You can go bold or remain grounded with the animal print, stick to neutrals, or make a splash with color. Whichever the case, zebra printed fashion is going to be your favorite look. For instance, you can wear zebra printed pants with a bright tie-dye sweater, then finish off your ensemble with tan leather loafers.

Abstract animal prints: In 2022, expect to see a ton of attention-grabbing colorations and distortions when it comes to animal print clothing. Fresh off the fashion shows, these versions are a nice nod to the classics, including leopard prints, tiger stripes, cheetah prints, and much more.

Tiger stripes: Tiger stripes are a trend that comes in waves. They might be more beloved from season to season, but, all in all, the animal print clothing style will inevitably remerge and form the cornerstones of our closets. And, in 2022, Sanctuary professes that tiger print will bless our wardrobes like never before.

2- Art-Driven Fashion

It’s been a long time coming, and, finally, the year of avant-garde fashion is here. Designers and tastemakers have always looked for creative ways to express themselves and their ideas through sartorial style, giving rise to an artistic approach to fashion. Next year, this approach will seep into our everyday outfits in the form of architectural jewelry, imaginative cutouts, and awesome art-inspired prints.

Intricate jewelry: The key to embracing the avant-garde fashion that’s going to be trendy in 2022 is to wear beautiful jewelry with an architectural vibe. These wow-inspiring beauties will help replace or complement the traditional thin earrings, gold chains, and minimalist pendants. It is all about layering.

Imaginative cutouts: There’s something to be said about outfits that reveal a little bit (or a lot) of skin. For 2022, designers are not banking on the sexy factor of cutouts; instead, they are placing these slits and revealing elements in unexpected and intriguing spots for a refreshing element of surprise.

Prints with a touch of avant-garde art: Style and art come together at a self-expression crux, making prints more artistic and aesthetically pleasing than ever before. Expect to see groovy geometric prints, painting-inspired patterns, and other art-driven prints that are easy to incorporate into your everyday outfits.

3- It’s All About Comfortable Shoes

Let’s be honest, after many months spent wearing comfy slippers and sneakers, no one wants to go back to uncomfortable shoes. So while some of us can’t wait to wear bedazzled high heels, you can rest assured shoes will remain super-comfortable in 2022. Expect to see several versions of comfortable loafers, ballet flats, and smart shoes.

Tech shoe: The trend was heavily featured at the Fashion Week runways in the menswear department, but it has made its way into womenswear, as well. This type of high-tech footwear resembles a clog or rain boot, meaning they incorporate functional, sporty elements like futuristic silhouettes, straps, and rubber.

Loafers: Most people turn to loafers in situations where comfort takes priority, which is why now is the perfect time to line your closet with these gems and get ready for 2022. Loafers will pack in some new hardware, bold shades, and creative platforms, taking comfort to the next level.

Ballet flats:  The ballet flats of the yesteryears aren’t going to cut it in 2022; they have gotten an upgrade in the form of fresh silhouettes and statement-making hardware. Designers are going for the square toe design and other creative profiles. Pair these updated ballet flats with pants or denim instead of a dress so that you don’t look like you’re ready for a dance lesson.

4- Nightwear-Inspired

For 2022, brands and tastemakers are opting for tops and pants featuring plenty of the after-dark aesthetic. Here, think lingerie-inspired pieces, high-glamour metallic, and sexy silhouettes.

First, nightwear elements like lace-up details, corsets, and seductive silhouettes are heading out of the bedroom right to your everyday dressing in 2022. You can dress them down by adding a little bit of modesty to your outfits.

Another nightwear-inspired look that you will see a lot next is the high-glamour metallic complemented with oversized sleeves, feather-trimmed details, and much more. This is one glamorous trend that even minimalists will agree is too sexy to ignore.

5- Personal Styles

As far as fashion goes, personalization is going to headline most of the clothing trends of 2022, and we’re not just talking monogramming. You should represent local businesses and use jewelry to showcase your unique styles and interests for this coming year. This trend is also an excellent way to showcase your personal style strikingly but subtly. Here’s how to embrace it:

Personalized motifs: Whether they appear on a cardigan, a clutch, or even a bucket hat, motifs are a fantastic way to show off your personal style. Talking of motifs, be sure to snap up charm jewelry, be they belt charms, pendant necklaces, or charm trinkets.


Fashion in 2022 is going to be all about statement-making and personal styles, not to forget comfort. Avant-garde fashion will also take center stage, while nightwear-inspired pieces will find their way out of the bedroom. However, when it comes to footwear, think comfort over everything else – so, basically, loafers, ballet flats, and tech shoes with new and intriguing designs.

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