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Write For Us Fashion

If you are a content writer adept at writing blogs and you have your finger on the pulse of the newest trends in women’s Fashion, then we are looking for you. Contribute to one of India’s leading portals on fashion trends, Beautynfashion Blog. Share your thoughts and ideas about women’s Fashion from your unique perspective.

We are accepting contributions from guest bloggers in the Fashion niche. So, if your forte is Fashion, you can write for us.

As a contributor, you will be sharing with women the latest fashion trends and encouraging them to try out and experience the diverse fashion experiences of the season.


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BnF’s Guest Post Submission Guidelines:-

Please go over the guidelines in detail before handing in your submissions.


You can submit content on any of the following topics:
  • Fashion: Clothing, Jewelry, Shoes, Sunglasses, Watches, Handbags, Accessories, Outfit ideas, etc.
  • Beauty: Hairstyles, Haircare, Tattoos, Nails, Bodycare, Skincare, Fragrances, Hair removal tools, and accessories, etc.  
  • Makeup: Makeup tips and tricks, Makeovers, etc.
  • Health & Wellness: Massages, Yoga, Hydrotherapy, Aromatherapy, etc.
  • Fitness: Product reviews, Fitness tips, etc.


  • Article Length:

      The ideal article length should be anything between 1000 and 1200 words. The word count could be even a little more if relevant to the topic and is well analyzed.

  • Write For People, Not Search Engines:

      Do keep in mind that you are creating content for an audience and not for search engines. The articles you submit should be well-researched and informative. Quality content is a must, and it must focus on providing knowledge and value to our readers.

      When crafting content, the targeted audience of women aged 18-70 should be kept in mind. Ensure that the article remains engaging to read throughout.

  • Images:

      The author must use images relevant to the topic. The images must be royalty-free, and the source of the images used must be cited appropriately, with due credit given to the owner.

  • Article Ownership:

Upon submission of the article, you agree to relinquish all rights and ownership of the article. You also acknowledge that you are not to publish or submit the article elsewhere as the case may be. However, when the article is published, you will be given due credit for the same.

  • Sources to be Mentioned:

The sources for the information you have provided in the article, such as the statistics and content, if any, are to be clearly highlighted.

  • Short Bio to be Provided:

    Please provide a short bio about yourself along with the submitted article. You may also add one backlink or a do-follow link back to your website.

  • Articles Submitted Must Be Free of Plagiarism:

Articles submitted must be unique – and contain no plagiarism and grammatical errors. They must also have not been published anywhere else.

  • Format of an Article:

We stipulate that all guest posts follow a particular format. We request that all contributors adhere to our guidelines.

  1. Keep the article skimmable. The context should easily be understood even if the reader chooses to skip parts of the content.
  2. It is essential to keep the tone casual. Ideally, a conversational tone should be employed while writing the article.
  3. Pay attention to the header tags. They are a vital part of any article as they provide structure and context to it. Headers should be 70 characters or less.
  4. Keep your paragraphs reasonably short. Approximately 4-5 sentences should do.
  • Use Keywords Naturally:

The keywords that you use must fit in naturally and must make sense grammatically. Avoid keyword stuffing at all costs, and keyword density must be maintained at 1-2%.

Topics Related to Fashion on Which you Can Write for Us:

  • Fashion’s latest trends
  • Business fashion
  • Fashion that is seasonal in nature.
  • Celebrity fashion
  • Fashion accessories


What Write For Us?

By writing for us, you get to expand your portfolio apart from gaining exposure for your work. Your bio will be prominently displayed at the conclusion of each article authored by you. There will also be a link to all your social media profiles, as well as a link to your site.

Our team of SEO experts will ensure that your article is SEO optimized. This will ensure that it ranks high on the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The accompanying publicity will help you in your journey as a content writer.

How to Submit Your Article?

We accept article submissions currently only via email. Please note that they must be handed in, in one of the two major industry-standard formats of MS Word or Google Docs.

There is no guarantee that every article received by us will be published. However, every article will be acknowledged and evaluated thoroughly by our editorial team before arriving at a decision.

Please note that due to the sheer volume of submissions we receive, we may not be able to reply to all the potential guest bloggers individually. If you do now hear back from us in 10 working days, then we won’t be publishing your work at this time. However, we do encourage you to make another attempt at sharing your write-ups with us.

So what are you waiting for? Send us your best work and have your shot at getting your work published for our readers to benefit from.


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